September 22, 2012

Fall/Winter 2012 Trend Report: {Runway vs. Real Way}

Hello fashionistas!

I am finally back in the blogosphere, just in time to share my fall/winter faves! I was looking through last year's fall/winter trend report and noticed my computer was busted, and I had just started posting again after a bit of an absence. Well, history sure does repeat itself - I don't have a laptop once again, and life is crazy, but I'm back and you guys, things on the blog are gonna get bigger and better :D

Well, as always, summer just flew by this year. I'm secretly okay with it though, because I can't wait to dig into my fall/winter wardrobe and have some fun! Here are my favorite trends of the season:

Color Trends:
If you're going to step your toes in the kiddie pool and do just one trend (the horror!) this season, go out and buy yourself something in oxblood. The color is the hottest of hues this year and it can take you from demure damsel to vampy vixen. Don't be afraid of all the different names and shades of the color though - you get everything from burgundy, brick and red cognac but they are all very, very close to each other. Oxblood is the darkest shade of them all. If you're afraid the color will make you look too pale, go for a doctor's bag - it's one of the must-have accessories this season!

Winter White
Sure, you've heard the old, "don't wear white after Labor Day" rule, but this one I always break. The rule in fashion is that there are no rules (okay, almost no rules) and white in the wintertime is a definite do! There's something about stark winter white that can make you appear very regal. Most people make the mistake of not choosing the right shade of white for their skin tone - make sure to know what you look good in! The runways show a lot of head to toe looks, but petite girls beware - white can make you look shorter and heavier. 

Just Peachy
Last season, hot pink was all over the runways. This time, designers went for a softer look and settled on peach tones. Who said pastels were too sweet for Fall? Peach can be paired with other neutrals or brighter colors like orange and green.

Cobalt Blue
This color is great on a variety of skin tones and adds a much needed pop of color to a dull winter day. Colored jeans are still in so buy one in cobalt if you haven't already!

Hunter Green
This is another big color for the Fall/Winter '12 season and I personally love this color - it is a very chic color, flatters many skin tones and screams cooler temperatures. Not sure what pieces to buy in this color? Try hunter green in a trench coat (even better if it is leather!), skinny jeans, or a crisp blazer. It also makes for a fabulous shade on a handbag!

So these are my favorite colors for the fall.winter season this year. Still in style are some faves from past seasons - red, tangerine, and of course, fall staples - jewel tones like purple, mustard and emerald.

Style Trends:
Town and Country
Equestrian staples like riding boots, plaid print, peacoats and capes made their way in to style town many many years ago but they always remain fall favorites! These classics are timeless and are reliable pieces for a number of style situations, but with a modern touches it goes from then to now!
The Runway: The look was glamorized with thigh-high boots, clashing prints and oversized shapes.
The Real Way: Wear riding boots and stick to details like epaulets, and tailored jackets with plackets inspire by horse shows.

This is one of my favorite trends for the season.
The Runway: After catering to the recessionista mindset for more than a few years, it seems designers have returned to the luxe, grandeur and exubarance of the fashion industry with their focus on the baroque and roccoco period (where art, architure and style all showcased grandeur).
The Real Way: When translated into clothes, this means heavy, stiff fabrics like brocade and jaquard, embellishments, ornate accessories and lots of gold. The runways showcase looks in head to toe leather and embellishments galore, but for real life, keep it simple - if your outfit is doing all the talking, make sure accessories are minimal (to do both takes the right pieces and should also be appropriate for where you're going) or you will end up looking too costumey.

Luxe Leather
The Runway: Long leather coats, maxi skirts and hats may look cool on the runway but can quickly feel out of place in the real world.
The Real Way: Classic leather staples are always in, but this season, instead of a leather pencil skirt, try flared and instead of the usual biker chic black pants, try oxblood. Colored leather is still in, but the hues are muted - so think military green, not bright tangerine. As always, stick to faux leather as much as you can!

Military Chic
This trend keeps coming back, so look for capes, double-breasted coats, epaulets, fitted pants and knee high boots. The look is always utilitarian but oh so stylish.
The Runway: Surprisingly, many of the runway looks were wearable for the real world, just take a look at the three outfits below.
The Real Way: Classic colors like navy, army green, black and brown are staples, but take some risks and buy soemthing like a military inspired dress in cobalt blue!

Suit Up
The Runway: Suits (both pant and skirt) are quite the trend this season as well. The ramps were filled with unexpected pairings for the suit, such as fur hats, pastel makeup and exaggerated platform pumps.
The Real Way: Go bold with print and color. These are not necessarily safe for work, especially if your workplace has a conservative dress code. But those in creative industries where the dress code is more relaxed and fashion forward can certainly try this trend! Next time you're out for a cocktail, you can switch up your little black dress for an attention grabbing printed suit!

This is probably the biggest trend of the year - it made an appearance for spring and summer and has been going strong ever since.
The Runway: I loved the looks on the ramp, there were some sweet peplum outfits and they can be easily transitioned to the real world.
The Real Way: Try a dress and skirt, but change it up and buy a peplum jacket or blouse. Leather tops with peplum is really in so give it a shot! Check out my tips on how to wear this trend here.

Orient Express
The Runway: Designers drew from the Far East and incorporated kimono sleeves, delicate embroidering, Chinese collars and cherry blossom prints. 
The Real Way: Shift dresses look lovely with an oriental print. Try pairing an Asian printed jacket/blazer with a silk blouse, black skinnies and riding boots, the result is pure perfection.

Gothic Glam
Dive into you dark side this season with rich fabrics (oxblood velvet for those who dare!), ornate jewels, sheer sleeves, and long dresses.
The Runway: The look was very dark on the runway, yet somehow romantic with the addition of lace and sheer. The make-up was dramatic so you want to take it down for real life.
The Real Way: For an evening look, try a black evening gown with intricate lace details and a deep red lip. This season, goth covers the whole spectrum, from bondage babe to Victorian lady.

Geometric Prints
The Runway: Bold patterns and detailed prints were seen all over the runways. From geometric to psychedelic, muted florals to oriental influences, prints were everywhere. The Real Way: Try this trend with one standout piece paired with neutral separates, but have a little fun and do print on print. Easy trick? Stick to prints with similar patterns/colors. 

Other Trends to Try:
Colors: Red, Black and Blue, Black and White,
Peter Pan dresses/blouses
Removable collars
Metallics and futuristic influences
Animal sweaters
Oversize coats
Side panelling
Printed pants

What are your favorite fall/winter trends? What are you dying to try and what do you think you're going to avoid? Let me know in the comments section!

Stay stylish,

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