November 6, 2011

Get The Look: Gossip Girl Style - Serena Van Der Woodsen

Hello Stylistas!

I hope your weekend is going great. I stayed in, caught up on some R&R and got up tp speed on my favorite T.V. shows. I have been getting requests for a style post on Serena Van Der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively so I thought I'd deliver. 
Serena is every guy's dream girl. Hell, she is probably every girl's dream girl. This leggy, blonde, Upper-East Sider turns heads - not just for her wild personality but also for her style! Serena's style is said to be based on fashion icon Kate Moss, so it's no wonder we see a lot of boho-chic flare in Ms. VDW's endless closet. The girl's style reflects her personality - she is carefree, effortless and a risk-taker: an all out it-girl. Here are the main elements of Serena's style:
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Well-fitting Jackets
  • Dresses
  • Glam details - think sequins, beads, studs.
  • Show some skin
  • Boho-chic and 70's insprired - maxi dresses, ethnic prints
  • Feminine with an edge -  like a sequin mini-dress with a biker jacket
  • Great accessories - "It" bags and shoes, beautiful trinkets
Serena is basically your not-so-average blonde goddess who just happens to live on the Upper East Side with an incredibly rich family. She definitely wears the trends - well, as we all know. Her style is super-luxe but she also wears the classics and finds ways to add her own twist to a piece of clothing or even an entire outfit. 

A Tall Skinny Latte, Please
We all know that Serena's legs go on forever. Apparently, the stylists of Gossip Girl do too, because they put their leading lady in a lot of skinny jeans. Her on-screen character wears them with everything from chunky knit sweaters, to tank-tops and vests. With her tanned complexion and said legs, Serena is a tall latte personified and it's no secret that every girl wants to be her. 
Add an interesting jacket to a pair of jeans, knee-high boots and a luxe bag to feel put-together in an instant. Notice how the drapey blouse also adds to the effect.

A neutral ensemble works well with jeans - it's classic and comfortable. Serena channels her inner classic city girl but adds a pop of color with a bright blue scarf.

I really like this outfit and have worn countless variations of it before I spotted S in hers (yay for me!). Blue jeans and a white t-shirt has to be the ultimate outfit when going for an all-american look. Here S rocks it with a vest, long necklace and a knockout bag.

A leather jacket is the perfect topper for a pair of jeans. Serena is always seen wearing boots of all sizes and colors and here the boots, bag and scarf are all in the same shade. Be warned though ladies, it only works here because the color is a neutral. Canary yellow for example, would be too matchy-matchy and that ain't cool.

Always in tune with the trends, Serena knows how to rock colored jeans but keeps the rest of her look simple so they won't steal the focus.

Nothing Like A Jacket
Manhattan's fictional it-girl has jackets in all shapes, sizes and colors. Biker jacket? Check. Boyfriend blazer? Check. Sequined jacket? Check. You get the picture, now let's dissect.
Take note ladies. This is how to wear a trend (being the boyfriend blazer) while still staying true to your style (for example Serena's shiny,glam style). A navy boyfriend blazer is definitely a wardrobe essential and you don't have to break the bank to get one. H&M sells cute ones and thrift stores are great too.

See how a flowy feminine jacket can add interest to a simple jeans and tee combo. Killer shoes are also great!

A motorcycle jacket is a wardrobe staple that can stand the test of time. If you're looking for an investment piece - buy real leather. I try my best to stay away from genuine leather as much as possible (If the buying stops, the killing does too, remember?) Otherwise, there are plenty of affordable faux-leather options. Black and brown are classics and a blush color is very of-the-moment. 

Shawl collar cardigans are a great way to update a basic casual look. It's very feminine and  when paired with some chunky rings - it can even work as a night-out outfit.

 A light pink blazer, in my opinion, should also be a closet staple. It's the easiest way to be feminine yet still mean business. This one is longer and grazes the hip which is perfect for work when worn with a dress - just like Serena is wearing. After you clock in nine to five, time to take off the blazer and take that dress for a fun night out! Oh and go ahead and buy a white jacket too. Need justification? It's a closet must-have!

A denim or chambray jacket is another key piece to a complete wardrobe and you can bet your cosmos, S has one (or five). Look how she works it with stripes and sequins.

Serena takes risks - she's a wild child and it shows in her taste for clothes. This outfit is the perfect example of that. It'd take me a while before I pair cobalt blue cropped pants with a bright gold jacket, but everyone's favorite Upper-East Sider wears it effortlessly. I am still on the search for a beautiful gold jacket, so if you find one, do let me know!

Serena incorporates a lot of color in her outfits and you should take a page from her book. Get yourself a blazer in a bright color - coral, like she's wearing, is the perfect color. But also try cobalt blue, jade or chartreuse.

If I can give you one tip on how to wear a jacket, all you need to do is take a good hard look at Miss S. Her jackets are well-cut, hugs her curves and drapes in all the right places. A jacket that fits you perfectly is nothing short of a wardrobe goldmine and it is key in creating a put-together look.

I have yet to buy a (faux) fur vest and I've been thinking of ways to wear them when I do. Sure, you can wear it with skinny jeans but how do you wear it with skirts and even dresses? Needless to say, Serena's outfit gave me inspiration. A fitted top and flared skirt paired with killer shoes. You don't have to live in a penthouse to be able to pull that off!

Classic camel trench. Double-breasted. Try it long or cropped like S here. And don't forget to throw in some stripes to channel some French style. Enough said.

Perfect for work. Take note of the chunky necklace and positively glimmering bag.

Dressed to Kill
Our favorite fair-haired, lean-legged socialite loves to throw on a dress. To channel Serena, look for quirky details, interesting prints, bold color and cut, sequins, metallics and luxe fabric. 
If you've got it, flaunt it. Serena often wears mini-dresses that show off her gorgeous legs. I love this nude, one-shouldered dress with the sequin detail. Simple, yet oh so glamorous.

Perfect for summer, this beautiful green dress is styled with brown accessories - a floppy hat, a skinny belt and a beach tote. The sandals complete this laid back look.

It's really in the details. Love the floral draping - adds texture as well as a giant dose of glamour. Accessories are limited to a necklace and cuff, both as detailed as the dress.

Although a little black dress is a classic staple, it can easily lose impact when everyone is wearing one. Look for an LBD with a classic cut, but unconventional details to stand out in a sea of black.

Ethnic prints are interesting. With so much going in a print, how do you accessorize? Just pick a color from your print like Serena does here with a purple-toned purse and brown shoes and accessories. Even if the browns weren't in the print, they are a fail-proof color since it is a neutral.

Queen B is not the only one who can dress lady-like. "Sunshine Barbie" is perfectly capable of wearing a demure shift too - but of course, it has to be bright orange! Take a cue from her and make a traditional shift a lot more now, with a bold color.

Again, fit is everything. Keep accessories to a minimum and let the dress do the talking.

Notice the details, texture and color of these dresses. From pleats and embellishments to gold lamé and turquoise. The trick is to try them all and stick with the ones that make you comfortable in your own skin.
Accessorize It.
Diamonds are a girl's best friend and Serena can certainly afford them. But while the classics are more Blair's style, S goes all out and crazy with her accessories. She indulges her boho-chic style with layered necklaces and lots of color.
Serena usually layers long, colorful necklaces for that boho-chic vibe. She also adds a gorgeous pair of shoes to up the cool-girl factor. 

Statement pieces and bold color screams Serena! Chartreuse is going to be huge for Spring/Summer 2012 - be on the lookout ladies.

Here, the bejeweled neckline acts as, well, a necklace and the earrings complement the outfit very well. See how the hair is an updo - adding to the look but also highlighting the cleavage and jewel detail of the dress. Paint on a bold lip like she does and you're good to go.

Winterize Your Wardrobe
Being in New York, Serena wears a LOT of coats, scarves, gloves and boots, which is a good thing, because as it gets colder up here in ND, I definitely need some pretty pictures to inspire my daily dressing and forget, even for a little while, that the minute I step outside I'm going to freeze my butt off.
Earth tones are great for fall and winter, especially with plum accents - check out Serana's tights and purse. The duster coat is also big this season.

 Shades of grey and black are a classic winter look. Break it up by adding a bright bag.

A cape can take you from just another girl to it-girl. Hey, it makes you want to step out into the cold.

Cozy coat, boots, and chunky scarf all good to go? Throw on a hat and tie it all together. As Serena shows us here, coordinating your outerwear is just as important as picking the perfect outfit.

 One word. Shearling coat. Okay, that was two, but you understand.

I said it once and I will say it again, it's all in the details. Don't resign yourself to buying a plain coat. Yes, it's classic and goes with everything, but so does this gorgeous coat with the collar detail. It keeps your look fresh and interesting.

Other Serena Extras:
Take chances and mix prints. Girlfriend's mix n' match skills are just as colorful as her personality and I love how she keeps it in the same color family but it still looks crazy cool, not to mention fashion forward and put-together.

The boys (and girls) turn heads at Serena and we won't deny it, she's got the looks and of course the legs. She knows this too and works what her mama gave her in short shorts and mini skirts. Colorblocking is another on-trend look that Serena is seen in occasionally. While bold red and cobalt blue look good, try these: yellow/blue, purple/blue, green/blue, red/pink, pink/orange, mustard/turquoise and green/orange. The combinations are endless and it's really fun to come up with color-blocked outfits, so give it a try! 

Colorblock chic

The picture that got everyone obsessed with the the schoolgirl look.

An It-girl needs an It bag. If you can't afford the newest Chanel, or Prada, go to the chains stores for similar bags.

Nothing says boho like a maxi-dress. In season five, Serena wears a lot of maxi dresses and skirts for the Cali-girl vibe.

More boho-chic. A denim jacket and a sarong is a great cover-up option as Serena shows us above. 

The Upper-East side's favorite socialite has gone Parisienne. Love the colored, flared pants!

All prepped up and ready to go to school. Coffee and it-bag, mandatory. Notebook, optional.

Someone get me this whole outfit now, including hair and make-up. I am swooning!

Finally, if you're living in a penthouse, gracing the cover of magazines, and strutting your stuff on the runways at NYFW, you can be pretty sure everyone wants you at their party. A party means a show-stopping dress, and Serena has no shortage of that. Check these gorgeous gowns out:

Stay classy, loves!

(All images taken via goole images) 


  1. The dresses are perfection.

  2. love Serena's legs...

  3. I know it's been ages since you posted this, but I love love love the post! So great, so much effort and so good to read! Thank you a lot! :)

    1. Laura! You made my day - this is definitely one reason why I love blogging - when all you wonderful people read my stuff and give me feedback :)

  4. What a beautiful coat! This would definitely be a forever item, It looks fab.
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  5. Really great! You really know what you're talking about! Would be great if you put the labels of the clothes! Xox

  6. Serena so thoroughly explored! Great job :D I miss Gossip Girl more...

    1. Thank you Radhia, I appreciate the comment :) I miss Gossip Girl too, the fashion most of all.

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