August 3, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

{Via Pinterest}
Hello again!

This week has been busy, busy, busy! From watching the Olympics, to having the busiest time of year at work, going to the post office (and again, and again) and drinking my last Mocha Cookie Crumble venti at Starbucks (I'm on a mission to be healthier), here are some of the highlights of my week:

Watching Michael Phelps become the most decorated Olympian of all time. He's an amazing swimmer and when you throw in the charm and mischievous good looks...yup, he's a winner alright! Hey- you were thinking it, now I said it ;)

Starting to go back to my healthy lifestyle - I cut out coffee (this is short term, I cannot live without coffee. We have an understanding that this situation is only temporary). I also started eating way more fresh fruits and veggies. I feel great! You should try it too if you haven't already.

Good heart-to-heart conversations. Whether it's a friend, a partner or even your doctor - these talks are awesome and can make you feel really good afterwards :)

Cooking - I have been cooking up a storm and made some spur-of-the-moment creations. I don't know if these recipes exist somewhere out there, but I will post some up on the blog soon.

Dressing up! I always love dressing up, you start with your mom's heels and you never really stop. A great outfit can make your day go from blah to BAM! in about 3 seconds (actually however many minutes hours it takes you to get dressed up!).

And lastly, I saw this picture on Pinterest. I want to read it again at the end of the year and feel that I lived like this. It will take a little effort, but everything that's worth it, always does :)

Keep on living and learning!



  1. Hi, I have been reading your blog... whenever I see Silk n Spice come up in my news feed on fb i always open it and find something interesting..Yea, So like few days back I realized I should start a blog, I want to express myself and one of the simplest ways of doing it is via my blog... It's glad to find another sri lankan writing from an foreign country and has not forgotten the roots..cheers to that ...

    1. Hi David! Thank you so so much for those kind words! It really made my day. I hope you will continue to read this little blog of mine and I am always open to hear your thoughts on it. Good luck on starting your own blog as well!