November 24, 2015

{Get The Look} Nicole Richie's Style - Part One

Hi dolls!

Nicole Richie is one of my spirit animals. Yes, I have more than one spirit animal, I am a complex human being okay? #DontJudgeMe. Anyways, Nicole has come a long way from her Simple Life days. She has really come in to her own, whether it is her fashion brand (House of Harlow 1960), her philanthropic work, her own television series Candidly Nicole, and of course, her style. I personally love Nicole's style. She has a relaxed, but attention-grabbing bohemian vibe, but she can also change it up to look very chic and sleek. Granted, I am not a fan of everything she wears, but I feel that this is normal - celebrities often dress in a way that is too loud or eccentric, and it works for them most of the time.

Some of the main elements of Nicole Richie's style include:
  • Flowy dresses and skirts
  • Prints and patterns
  • Jackets
  • Monochrome clothing
  • Vintage pieces

Edgy and sophisticated: Nicole's style can be quite edgy. You can see her incorporating a lot of studs and other hardware in her looks. She is constantly in leather jackets and boots. She is also not afraid to play with structure and volume, so take a risk ladies, and borrow some style inspiration from this petite fashionista.

Hair and makeup: Nicole is known for her ever-changing hair color and styling. Although the looks can be edgy, they are also very fashion forward. Her hairdos range from bangs with a high bun, braided buns, to short, choppy waves.

Accessories: Nicole gives me serious sunglass envy (is that a thing?). She has a small face, but she works the hell out of sunglasses in all shapes and colors. She also piles on the jewelry, which is a common characteristic of bohemian style. Other accessories frequently seen on the star include scarves, beanies and hats. 

Texture: Velvet, leather, satin, silk. You name it, Nicole's probably worn it. Adding texture comes in really handy when putting together monochrome outfits, because it gives the look some much needed dimension.

Without further ado, here are my favorite looks from this sassy fashionista. There are too many looks I love, so I've broken this post into two parts:

Look 1: I love this flowy, velvet dress on Nicole, accessorized with a large boho necklace and pointed pumps.

Look 2: Beautiful print dress. Notice the jewel tones of yellow and red contributing to the warmth of the look. Her hair is on point too, definitely wish I could pull this hairstyle off!

Look 3: I absolutely love this look, everything from the fitted turtleneck dress, flowy trench, pointy pumps to the sleek blue hair. Give me all of it!

Look 1: The shirtdress, black accessories, and polished bun make for a sleek and sophisticated look.

Look 2: This dress is definitely a style winner! The leather, long sleeves and mid length are the perfect combination of sexy sophistication. The slicked back hair, pumps, and winged eyeliner are all about keeping it simple and letting the dress speak for itself.

Look 3: This is a very minimal look. The cap-sleeved midi dress in a satiny finish, barely there sandals and dainty necklace add an understated elegance. The only pop of color in this outfit is the pastel pink shade of Nicole's hair.

Look 1: I don't think I'd personally wear this look, but I do love it on Nicole. The shiny burgundy slip dress is reminiscent of the 90's and the accessories are boho chic. 

Look 2: I love this look, and I am trying so hard right now to will the entire thing into my closet! I absolutely adore the plunging neckline and the silhouette of this dress, not to mention that draping is to die for. The contrast of the velvet bottom and the stiffer top, s on point. The bare neckline emphasizes the decolletage, and the piled on accessories give this look a distinct gypsy feel. Where some would have opted for black or nude heels, Nicole goes for python print pumps, which I think really adds to this outfit and gives it that extra oomph.

Look 3: This look is so different to look 2, but you can see the similarities - chunky accessories, draping and python print. The kimono dress by Issa is gorgeous and vibrant. I love how Nicole mixes prints in such a simple, but definitely fashionable way.

Look 1: Another sleek look. The cape shirt, crisp white pants, and bold sunglasses make for a great work outfit.

Look 2: This look is very All-American - white button down shirt, flared blue jeans and red blazer. It's a classic, comfortable look which anyone can wear.

Look 3: I like to think of this look as upgraded basics. It consists of a simple jeans, tee and blazer combo; except it's elevated with leather skinnies, a floral blazer and a coiffed updo.

Look 1: This outfit is the perfect day-to-night look. 3/4 length sleeves look especially good on petite women, and paired with this asymmetrical pencil skirt, it gives the appearance of a defined silhouette. I like that she went with satin pumps, and emphasized the waist with that beautiful belt. The sleek hairstyle and red lip complete this look. #flawless

Look 2: A breezy, printed midi skirt, striped crop top, pulled back bun and sunnies make this a great summer outfit. While this look doesn't take a lot of time to put together, the print mixing and hairstyle make it seem like more thought went into it, which is a win on a busy day.

Look 3: This outfit is simple, yet sexy. A basic white tank is paired with a drapey skirt, chunky sunglasses and leopard print booties. Nicole has the bombshell look going strong in this one. I'm not a fan of the purse she's carrying though, I think the metallic silver tones clash with the leopard print. 

Look 1: Nicole does fall style with a textured sweater in of the moment burgundy and basic black jeans. Her bag, heels and sunglasses - all in black - give off a cool-girl vibe. Nicole proves that style does not have to be complicated to look great.

Look 2: True to her bohemian style, Nicole wears a multi-colored, paisley print maxi dress. Most people think short girls can't pull of longer dresses, but it's actually not true. Maxi dresses elongate the frame, especially when you can add a pair of (sturdy) heels ;)

Look 3: I love this winter appropriate outfit. Again, notice the texture, which not only adds dimension, but sticks to the boho look that she is generally known for. This is a super easy outfit to pull off: leather look leggings or pants, a white sweater, coat with fur detail and printed heels. 

Look 1: There's not much to say, except that I love this dress. Very bohemian, very Nicole. She manages to keep it simple, yet detailed at the same time. Simple silhouette and the details are in the print and sequins :)

Look 2: Ms. Richie is a fan of floor-length black gowns. Coincidentally, so am I. Only difference is, I have nowhere to wear them, so I swoon over her's instead. This one is a simple column dress, with a rounded halter neck/collar. I think the embellished neckline is necessary on this dress to take it from boring to bam! you know? A satiny clutch, chunky bracelets and dangly earrings are all the accessories she wears with this dress, and I like it!

Look 3: This floor-length metallic slip dress is very 90's and yet so modern, because well, the 90's are back in style, people. And you should be thankful because that means you can wear all the crop tops you want. Back to the outfit, she keeps things sleek and modern with a pulled back bun, wine colored lipstick, dark nails and midi rings. I actually really like this look on her.

Look 1: This look is a definite 10/10. The dressed up jumpsuit with sheer sleeves is to die for. And as always, Nicole keeps the focus on the jumpsuit by simplifying her accessories. With that beautiful blue hair, she really doesn't need much.

Look 2: This high collared, lace gown is very Nicole. It could potentially look too old-lady like but the modern details keep it from happening. Exhibit A, B, C, and D are as follows: the bun, smoky eye, tiny clutch, and pointed pumps.

Look 3: Another great outfit, but at this point, are you even surprised? There's a reason this post is titled Part 1 - there were too many great outfits to fit into one (long) post. I love this outfit because it can be worn in fall, or spring. The striped crop top and flared pants have a nautical feel to it, but the sleek bun and heavy gold link necklace give it a nice edge. Coffees optional.

Look 1: Great fall transition outfit. Just add tights under your summer cutoffs, and proceed with the rest of your summer uniform - tank top, kimono, ankle boots and sunglasses.

Look 2: Black and white is always in style. Here, Nicole is killing it in the modern asymmetrical skirt, and loose shirt. By now you should learn that pointy pumps and chunky bracelets just go together, ladies. It's a winning combo. 

Look 3: This outfit is pretty self-explanatory: tights, shorts, peasant blouse. Oh and also, floppy hat and ankle boots!

Look 1: This is how to appear stylish while feeling like you're in your pajamas. Printed harem pants and a fitted black top make for a easy, yet chic outfit. 

Look 2: Cutoffs and a white t-shirt can look put together. Just tuck the shirt in, belt your shorts and slick your hair back!

Looks 3: Nicole makes "all white errthang" look super good. The gold accents are what elevates this look for me.

Look 1: I don't think I'd personally wear this outfit, but I really like it on Nicole. It's a good winter outfit to wear to a more formal setting. If you think it's too simple and needs some oomph, try adding big sparkly earrings or a some major bling on your neck.

Look 2: Another winner. Love the combo of the rust colored palazzo pants with a lace halter top. There is a sense of sophistication and carefree attitude in this outfit.

Look 3: Leather (faux) is always a good bet for the colder weather. Here, Nicole rocks neutral colors, and shows us once again that the devil is in the details. Textured materials and a structured silhouette (cape jacket) are all you need to get this New York City vibe. 

There it is, ladies, an easy guide to looking like Nicole. What do you think of her style? Do you love it or hate it? Stay tuned for Part 2!


Photo Cred: tumblr, stylecaster, necessary clothing blog, pinterest, fashion fade magazine, vibe, styledumonde