November 7, 2013

Get The Look: Pretty Little Liars Style - Aria Montgomery

Hello lovely readers!

This week I thought I'd do a post on Aria Montgomery's (from Pretty Little Liars) style. Considering we just recently found out Ezra is A, I think it is perfect timing. Aria has a very edgy, bohemian style sense. To be honest, I love it most of the time but other times I am confused, and while her style is very daring, it's not for everyone. That being said, there are lots of lovely aspects that you can borrow and tweak to match your own fashion personality! Here are the basic elements of Aria's style:

  • Jackets
  • Boots
  • Lots of layers
  • Dark colors - aubergine, forest green, brown, black and gray
  • Unique and quirky touches - Ex: an overly loud shirt pared with crochet shorts
  • Dresses and skirts - look for unique details

Other tips:
  • Aria always wears luxe materials like velvet, leather and lace mixed with urban and trendy accents like zippers and studs.
  • She also has a soft, boho side and shows this with crochet, dainty accessories and feathers.
  • Don't be afraid to mix and match prints. An easy way to do this is to stick to the same color family.
Here's some Aria Montgomery eye candy:

I absolutely love this outfit. It is edgy and feminine all at once, and the colors are beautiful. Army green and blush tones make for a fabulous combination and in true Aria style, there are sequins and zippers all in the same outfit!

This Betsey Johnson dress is beautiful and the clock pattern is so fun. Aria makes this dress (it has print and peplum) even edgier by pairing it with a statement belt, necklace and chunky bracelet.

A chambray dress that is both girly and edgy? Yes, please! The full skirt and cute belt balanced with the spikes on the shoulder make for a pretty outfit. Points for the soft hair and beautiful dangly earrings.

Yep, Aria is edgy. Hence the riveted LBD and boots. But also note the lace tights and clean hair and makeup, which is a contrast but still results in a nicely balanced outfit. . 

This is another of my favorite outfits worn by Aria and it is something I would totally wear. Notice the dark colors which lend itself nicely to the overall cool girl vibe. A printed dress paired with caged heels and a blazer with the sleeves rolled up can be quite dressy as Aria proves here. The necklace and hair complete the look. Five stars for this outfit!

This is another loud dress with a lot of detail (long sleeves, comic-book print, mesh detail, peplum) and yet Aria adds a bright lemon bag featuring multiple brooches which surprisingly works well with the retro vibe of the outfit.

Here Aria wears a vintage inspired dress in burgundy, with a long beaded necklace and a cloth headband. It's all very 20's clashing with the 40's and it works. 

This is a more modern dress and it is beautiful! The black belt and small box cross body makes it Aria appropriate. The soft ombre curls are perfection!

Aria's not one to shy away from prints and hers are most often loud and edgy. Cue blue leopard print shirt above and skull print shirt below.
Another favorite -- perfect fall outfit in my opinion. This pleated leather skirt paired with an edgy skull print blouse-- who would have thought? Topped with a dark brown leather jacket too. Very boho chic, especially with the braided hair. 

Upgrade a simple denim and tee look. The gorgeous cut-out sleeves and edgy necklace are simple ways to take your outfit up a notch.

This is how Aria Montgomery does layers. people. Again, note the dark colors -- here she sticks to shades of brown. Start with a basic long sleeve tee and heavy plaid skirt. Then add a vest, chunky boots and a burgundy purse. Simple as that. You just have to think about comfort and how many layers you need and the rest just happens :)

This is a perfect bohemian fall or spring outfit. The textured skirt, jacket and accessories are all in the same color family, giving the look a very earthy feel. The pretty white blouse and embroidered belt are my favorite pieces. 

Check out the textured leatherette top and the beautiful jewel tones in the necklace. All you'd have to do is wear this with a pair of dark denim or a pencil skirt for some extra oomph.

Poncho? Check. Colored jeans? Check. Cute hair accessory? Check. What else is there to do?

I really like this outfit although I wouldn't personally wear it (too trendy for me) but then again, given the right mood and occasion, I probably would. But something I would more likely be wearing is the basic elements of this outfit -- tuxedo pants with a sequined tank top layered under a cop top and worn with a chunky necklace.

Stay sassy fashionistas!
xoxo - Chrissy

{P.S. All images for this blog post are sourced from Google images. If any photo belongs to you and you would like me to link to you specifically, please let me know and I will do so!}

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