August 20, 2011

Fall 2011 Trends: The Runway, The Real Way and Back to School

Hello Fashionistas!

I haven't been posting frequently since my computer's busted, but a new one's on the way so there will be a lot more from me :)

I really really don't want summer to end, it went by so unbelievably fast but I'm also excited for the beautiful colors of Fall and of course the trends! You have to agree, getting up early for school gets that much better when you know you have a cute outfit waiting to be flaunted! I've listed some of the best trends this season (in my opinion) with pics from the runways, how to wear them in real life, and how to adjust it for school. Read on :)

Color Trends
Lady in Red
Designers have embraced shades of red from vermillion to scarlet in everything from pants and jackets to furs at Michael Kors.

Must-Have Mustard
This hue looks gorgeous on tanned skin and brings an instant vibrancy to your outfit. I think it's a great color to wear all year-around, but especially in the fall. If you can't pull off this color avoid wearing it against your face and wear it as pants or a skirt. You can always incorporate the color into your accessories like a clutch or a bracelet.

Lust for Rust
This rich tone will be creating a fashion frenzy this fall. Replacing last year's camel tones, rust will be the go-to color for outerwear. It can also be seen in pants, dresses and skirts and is a more flattering hue than camel so don't be afraid to try this color out!
This gorgeous shade of green has always been a personal favorite and I'm so excited that it's a big fall trend. I love how sexy a jade dress looks and you will definitely stand out in a sea of LBD's.

Now that you know the big colors for f/w 2011, let's talk clothes. There's a lot of 50's, 60's and 70's influences going on but with a modern touch.

A peplum is a a flared ruffle attached to the waistline of a dress, jacket or blouse. This cinched-in style gives great silhouette to any body type, instantly creating that hourglass figure.

The Runway: As always, trends on the runway are exaggerated for drama, so the peplum is big and pouffy. 

The Real Way: A small, more subtle peplum is the way to go. The black dress pictured here is a great runway dress that is ready to wear. Length is important - shorter dresses are more modern.

Back to School: A peplum dress would be too glam for school. I would wear a peplum jacket instead and pair it with skinny jeans and maybe riding boots or ankle boots.

70's Colorblock Sweaters
This is an easy trend to wear and instantly brightens your outfit and your mood!

The Runway: Surprisingly, a lot of the runway looks can be easily worn on the street. With a look as simple and chic as this, there is no need for extra drama.

The Real Way: Take a cue from the runway and wear your colorblock sweater with work pants and pencil skirts.

Back to School: Woke up 10 minutes before class starts? Jump out of the shower, pull on a colorblock sweater, pair it with skinny jeans and add cute ballet flats or boots and you're good to go.

Bright Pants
This is a great way to punch up the darker layers for fall. Just as pants come in all fits and lengths, this season colors are another option. 

The Runway: Bright pants were paired with equally bright tops and unique silhouettes for effect.

The Real Way: I like to keep the silhouette clean because I think the bright pants are attention-grabbing enough. I would wear basic colors on top so the pants can stand out like the fourth outfit pictured here.

Back to School: Ditto fourth outfit pictured here. I would also pair green pants with a camel coat or a rust coat with mustard pants for an understated, yet fashionable look.

Polka Dots
This retro print is a big trend for fall. You can style it many ways from pretty and ladylike to playful.

The Runway: A head-to-toe look was prominent on the runways as well as mixing polka dots with equally loud prints.

The Real Way: Head-to-toe polka dots is a bit much for the real world. Try a blouse or a skirt or even a scarf if you're not too comfortable with this dotty trend. A dress can add some flair to your date night ensemble.

Back to School: Wear your summer polka dot shorts at the start of the school year and transition into fall by adding opaque tights and a cardigan.

Animal prints are always in and this season, it's snakeskin. While I do own a few pieces of genuine leather, I usually go faux for ethical reasons and I definitely encourage you to do the same. The key to wearing faux in a fab way is not to pretend it's the real thing. 

The Runway: The print was styled in long, flowy dresses and shiny, tapered pants. 

The Real Way: Since the print is so bold, I would pair it with neutrals. A snakeskin skirt with a champagne colored blouse, for example.

Back to School: You don't want to look too dressy, so wear a snakeskin belt or maybe a tank top. 

60's Mod
Think double-breasted peacoats, colorblock shift dresses and Peter Pan collars. 

The Runway: Long, full dresses were seen sporting a Peter Pan collar as and ode to the 60's. Boxy, colorblock shift dresses were also seen on runways.

The Real Way: I would prefer the shifts in a more close-cut silhouette. The Peter Pan collar is sweet and can be styled to match that or as a contrast to an edgier outfit.

Back to School: I would pair a Peter Pan  collared blouse with a pair of trouser shorts (add tights when it gets colder) and a cross-body bag. My choice of footwear would be cute ballet flats. Perfect outfit for a full day of classes.

Almost always a fall staple, this year's plaid takes on bold, graphic colors and stands out more than those in the past.

The Runway: Head-to-toe plaid. Plaid pants and long plaid dresses.

The Real Way: I'd skip the pants and long full dresses - too marching band and country-esque. I would wear the print in its new bright colors, though.

Back to School: A plaid skirt worn over tights and a cute blouse is definitely a great school combo. Keep it from being too schoolgirl by adding tough boots and accessories.

Other Fall Trends:

Lace: This sweet look has been enhanced and voila, enter the powerful, edgy lace. The prints are darker and more gothic giving off a woman-in-charge vibe.

Tuxedo Dressing: Look like a femme fatale in today's modern version of the classic suit. Tuxedo dresses are also a great option and very hot!

Sheer Shoulders: Tops and dresses with black netting on the sleeves and collarbone areas are amping up the sex appeal this season. This is definitely on my must-have list!

Leather Skirts: From mini to midi, leather skirts are in again. I like to contrast it with flowy, colorful blouses and glam heels!

Fall Florals: This spring favorite is now adorning cool-weather essentials and I am not complaining!

Hope you all love these fall trends as much as I do and try at least some of them. As always, remember to have fun with your outfits!


(All images via google images)

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