December 17, 2013

Gift Guide For The Budget Babe: { For The Fashionista }

{Created by Silk and Spice}

Gift shopping for friends and family can be tricky. It requires some thought and creativity, so that you can pick the perfect gift that matches the receiver's personality while still being within your budget. To make things easier for you, I decided to write a series of gift guides covering everyone from your style maven girlfriend to your tech obsessed brother.  You're welcome! 

For The Fashionista
Shopping for your fashionista friends can be tricky, but it they are also some of the easiest people to shop for because there is so much variety. I capped the budget for these gifts at $60 and if you notice, most items are below $40. Have fun shopping, and while you're at it, grab extras for yourself too! 

  1. Multiple Chanel Lipsticks fashion illustration ($25.00)
  2. J.Crew Hello Tee ($45.00)
  3. Wide Ring ($5.95) and 7-Pack Rings ($5.95)
  4. Forever 21 Statement Necklace ($12.80)
  5. Gap Suede Loafers ($59.95)
  6. Glam: The Performance of Style by Darren Pih ($35.00)
  7. Crystal Drop Earrings ($10.00)
  8. Urban Decay Naked3 ($59.00)
  9. VS Angel Sleep Tee ($35.00)
  10. Sea Green Purse ($49.00)

Stay tuned for my next gift guide in the series - ideas for the 21st Century Man!

Sending you warmth like caramel and cider,
XOXO - Chrissy

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