April 23, 2013

Cute (and Cheap!) Ways to Arrange Your Flowers

(Via Pinterest)
April showers bring May flowers and I don't know about you, but I sure am excited to buy some fresh flowers for my house. If I could, I would have flowers in my pockets and carry them around everywhere I go! 

Some tips for flower arrangements:
1. Keep water fresh. Your flowers will live for over up to two weeks with fresh water!
2. Keep leaves out of the water to prevent water contamination!
3. Cut an inch off the stems before putting them in water - this increases absorption.

Here are a bunch of cute ideas for to display your pretty flowers, plus they are totally affordable- who needs traditional vases anyway?

(Via Pinterest)
Use a wine bottle or any other bottles as a vase.

Paint mason jars and use as vases (paint goes on the inside, shake it up until bottle is covered in paint and let dry.)

Think outside the box for vase options - antique tins, cute tea containers, even wine bottles make very pretty "vases" for your flowers.

Roses and Poses-

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