October 1, 2012

Personal Style: { Tie Dye For }

My Outfit:
Dress- Target/ Shirt- Gap/ Belt- vintage Herve Bernard
Necklace- Body Central/ Earrings- gift from a friend

My friend Laura (who graciously took these pictures) and I found this bean field close to the end of summer. The crop was in dire need of a good rain, but the field was still so beautiful and bathed in a beautiful yellow glow, from the glorious sunset as well as the withering plants. So of course, we had to stop and take some pictures! Also, I got this cute little tie dye dress at Target for $3 - such a steal!!!!

Unfortunately, you can't see my sandals since I'm smack in the middle of all the crops but it worked out in my favor and yours, since you don't have to look at my neon green Crocs. Okay, okay. I wore tan sandals from Forever 21 on my feet. You can relax now.

Sunshine and sparkles,

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  1. Hahahahaha. I would kill you if you wore Crocs. (Not really, but I would wonder.) ;) You look fabulous. These are my favorite pictures of you.