March 14, 2012

Personal Style: { Color-Block }

I love color-blocking and I'm glad the color block craze has stuck around for well over a year! I also love the colored jeans trend at the moment. I was a little skeptical to try red jeans so I bought a cheap pair online - they are super comfy and fit so well. I'm in love! I paired two very traditional colors together - red and blue. They were both strong, bold shades and it worked well. It's more of an obvious color choice, but I love the effect nevertheless. I think sometimes people can get too carried away with trying to do something OTT that they forget less is more :)

Jeans - bought online
Cobalt knit sweater - thrifted
Necklace - Body Central
Earrings - Cool Planet, Sri Lanka
Ankle boots - Liz Clairborne

Live life in color,


  1. You know what, I was never bold enough to do the colour-blocking thing.. but it looks great.. and i love your necklace.

  2. Thank you Tash! You should try it - it's a lot of fun. Try it with accessories first and see how you feel. Do you think I should do a post about color-blocking?

  3. Yes. Do a post about how to color-block and what it is! :) Nice work, Chrissy.