February 5, 2012

The World is Your Oyster

Thanks to the internet, the world truly is your oyster. Here are some things that have kept me happily distracted this weekend :)

1. Louis Vuitton opened a store in Jaipur, India and the photoshoot/video they created for it is beyond amazing. It definitely reinforces a case of the travel bug in me - even though I just got off a plane not even a month ago.  

2. It is still the beginning of a new year so here are 30 things to do for yourself. If you don't take care of yourself and make your own happiness, you are not adding anything to the world and those around you.

3. We watch so much television and it really does have an impact on our lives. Here are some deadly sins of reality TV women that we should be aware of as critical consumers of this madly material world.

4. Are you super confused about love? Pssh, you think, who isn't? Well, if you're wallowing about your love life, you might want to give these insightful books a read.

5. It's a tough world out there and finding/keeping a job is becoming almost impossible. But are 20-somethings too idealistic when it comes to the reality of the job market?

Happy browsing!

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