February 11, 2012

{A Few Things } Peace. Love. Chocolate

Hey hey,

I haven't posted A Few Things feature in a while and I thought it was time to share :)

I can't wait for spring - for warmer weather, bright baubles and the smell of rain!

 This was a t-shirt an old friend gave me. It was his originally but I loved it so much that he gave it to me before I left Sri Lanka for college. 

 Start seeing the glass as half-full. It does wonders for your attitude and gives you a whole lot of options you never thought you had.
Beautiful finds on one of my adventures. Peace, Love and Chocolate - isn't that all you really need?

 Audrey Hepburn. Just wow. What a glamorous lady and I'm loving those pearls worn backwards. Definitely going to experiment with that one. [Source unknown]

Indian motifs in a Lous Vuitton gown. Definitely fusion at its best - love love! [Source unknown]

Have a fab weekend lovelies!
xo - Chrissy

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