February 4, 2012

Men's Style: { Just Chill }

Well hello!

Le weekend is here and I have a little post for the men this time! Here are some pics of my boyfriend's easy-breezy outfit. Very casual but I thought he looked really good in it - very carefree with a touch of I-don't-give-a-crap attitude :)
Malith is wearing a black t-shirt under a grey hoodie with his winter coat thrown on top. He paired this with dark blue jeans and navy man moccasins.

T-shirt - from Sri Lanka
Hoodie - Macy's
Jacket - Tommy Hilfiger
Jeans - Arizona
Moccasins - Urban Outfitters

That is all. Go back to whatever you were doing before this post interrupted you ;)

Moonbeams and Chocolate brownies,
And also xoxoxoxox

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