December 19, 2011

{ A Few Things }

Hello from Sri Lanka!!

I hope finals have treated you kindly and that you are using every precious minute of the holidays to kick it up and party hard. I've been here in sunny Sri Lanka for a couple days now and I haven't had the energy to post because I'm still a little jet-lagged and busy settling in. But while that happens, here are a few things:

I interned at my university's Television Center and this was part part of recruitment campaign for Studio One, the student produced live television show. The posters advertise a bingo night and I love the old school carnival/circus feel to it. It's very bright and attention-grabbing which is great. My friend and co-worker, Glen Gengel was the creative genius behind the posters. Here's another, it looks way better in reality than it does in the picture - shadows, I tell you!

I love reading, everything from magazines and novels, to autobiographies. You can hate, but I just don't care! :)

Lately, I've been obsessed with all things peacock. The texture and rich colors, there's just something about it that's very exotic.

Colorful stationary! Who doesn't like a nice sugary pop of color surrounding them at all times!

I thought I'd leave you with this - appropriate, since I'm back on my fave island and enjoying every minute of it, one Corona at a time! Oh and did I mention, I'm going to the beach on Wednesday ;)