March 28, 2012

Modcloth Quiz of the Month: Calling Collections

Hey dolls!

So I found this quiz on Modcloth's blog and thought it would be fun to share on here :) Read my answers below and leave a comment with yours as well - I would love to read them!

Chrissy's Answers:
1. d: A convertible. I mean, no question really. Every girl wants to ride in a convertible with the music blaring and hair flowing beautifully in the wind while driving towards the sunset on a perfect summer day. Of course, I would have the cutest white summer dress and floppy hat along with some classic aviators and bright nail polish to complete this blissful picture!

2. c: Captain Kate. I think when you say Captain, it sounds so masculine and then you finish that phrase with a feminine name like, oh I don't know - Chrissy, there's a sense of strength in it's unfamiliarity. It would be nice to woman a crew of sailors like Keira Knightley in Pirates of The Caribbean.
3. b: Love pomegranates and pears. I am an island girl so fruits make me super happy and I will eat a plate of fruits without complaining for iced tea or vodka any day!

4. d: I would be an exclamation point. I am super hyper and bubbly. I just love to laugh and enjoy the good things in life. I have been bit of a negative Nancy these days, walking around with a dark cloud over my head. But things are looking up and I am on the right track and feeling more like myself :)

5. c: Travelling the world has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. It has always been a dream and I know I am going to do everything I can to make it happen. I love seeing the world and the people in it, experiencing everything around me and just reveling in the beauty of it all. *Cue "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong *
6. I don't know. I have always appreciated art, history and fashion even though I don't know much or enough about any of it to impart my "knowledge" to other people. I would probably teach something like public relations or marketing :)

7. a: I always find that every thing does indeed have a silver lining. The world is a better place when we look for the positives.

8. None. I think I'd love a night at the theater. So grown up and sophisticated. Karaoke is great too - let loose and be comfortable with each other and everyone else who has to hear you "sing". I wouldn't do any of this on a first date though. I'd like something a bit low-key like dinner and a movie. You gotta test the waters before you jump in it!

9. c: Huge flare jeans belted with a flowy printed blouse tucked in. Sky high wedges, a crossbody bag slung on my shoulder and wavy hair. My inner boho girl just gave me a high five!
10. Actually it's peonies and lilies and of course, every girl loves roses. I just basically can't choose. Gimme anything pretty and I'll be smiling all day.

So pick one question or answer them all - I would love to read your answers in the comments!



  1. Here are my answers Chrissy.. and I enjoyed doing this, took my mind away from things.

    1. A convertible
    2. Long Johanna Platinum (just cuz me second name is Joanna lol)
    3. Pomegranates
    4. Exclamation Point
    5. Skydive
    6. History (no good at Art and Physics… and Fashion Design I’ll leave to the experts)
    7. Nothing ventured. Nothing gained
    8. Night at the theatre
    9. Sequined 80s dresses =P
    10. Tiger Lily

  2. I enjoyed reading your answers, Tash! I remember when I was younger, I would never pass up the opportunity to take one of these fun quizzes!!

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  4. 1. A hybrid and a vespa.... Functional and sporty. (Did I ever tell that I want to get my motorcycle license? Someday, Chrissy. Someday.)
    2. Captain Kate! But I'd settle for Erica the Red. ;)
    3. I love fruit. Can I have them all, please? But if I have to choose, bananas or pomegranates.
    4. A semicolon...I like how they look; they're like a chic version of a period, and I always have another thought related to my first.
    5. Travel the world--no brainer here. Sri Lanka's on my list of countries to visit. ;)
    6. History...because I have a head for stories, and possibly art if I ever got good enough.
    7. "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"
    8. Hiking or bowling. I get nervous, having to sit down if I'm on a date with someone. I can't relax on a dinner date. Chilling is something I do with good friends. If I want to get to know you, I would like to go somewhere and do something.
    9. Petticoats...Ha. I like dresses.
    10. Daisies...There is something very sweet and charming about them. I think about little girls who make daisy chains.

  5. Enjoyed reading your answers, Laura! Someday you WILL get that motorcycle license :)

  6. Fun!

    1. I honestly don't know the difference between any of those! Haha
    2. Erica the Red!
    3. Bananas!
    4. I don't know what an interrobang is, but it sounds awesome, so that's what I'd be.
    5. I'd have to say travel... I've traveled a bit already, but haven't made it to my dream location: Japan!
    6. Art for sure.
    7. Every cloud has a silver lining. I'm all about the positives!
    8. Bowlinggggg!!
    9. FLARE JEANS! Love them.
    10. Hmmm out of those I'd choose rose or pansy. But in reality it's bleeding hearts.

    1. I haven't been to Japan either, but I would love to be there in spring with all the cherry blossoms and go visit this park full of wisterias :)

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    1. Thanks! Saw it on Modcloth and thought it would be fun to share :)