November 11, 2011

Fall Fun

Here in Grand Forks, we were in quite the little (weather-related) bubble, safe from the snow that the East Coast was experiencing. Well, the bubble eventually burst. Two days ago, it snowed like mad and although there's nothing on the ground yet, it sure is getting pretty cold. I was going through some pictures I had of pretty fall weather and it made me miss the colors of this beautiful season along with the fun cold-weather activities that come with it. Here are some pictures of my friend Rae and I on one of our fall adventures:

 Rae and I, having fun ...doing just about anything really :)
Rae loves taking pictures and she generously took a lot of me and the pretty furniture store we walked into which was decorated for fall. 
 I love the rich, saturated colors of fall - so festive!

And here are some other pictures Rae took while she was out and about:
This vivid orange would make a gorgeous dress or as color on a statement necklace
 I love this picture - I wish it always looked like this!
Rae loves Halloween - her bedroom is Fall/Halloween themed!
 Our friend, Ariel in a pile of leaves - isn't she a pretty little thing?
 A pumpkin patch
 The Grim Reaper

For more of her pictures, you can follow Rae on
I hope you all are having a great Veteran's Day weekend!


{ All pictures in this post were taken by Rae and edited by me }


  1. I love this!Where is that furniture shop?Its so quaint!These are also great pictures!:)

  2. It's called "Plain and Fancy" and I think it's on Washington!

  3. I love the way you put this together! You rock!

  4. Thank you and so do you! You take great pictures :)