October 9, 2011

Personal Style: { Rushing }

Hello Lovers!

It's been forever since I put up an outfit post and that's mostly because I don't have a lot help getting pictures. My boyfriend takes some of them when he is around and I am getting better at stopping and thinking - "Let's take some pictures!". Anyway, this outfit was from a while ago - it was hot out and I had a meeting before hanging out with friends. And, here's the killer - I had under 10 minutes to get dressed and run out the door!

Jeans- Macy's; T-shirt- Forever 21; Vest- bought in Sri Lanka; Flip Flops-Target
First, these pictures aren't that great and I tried editing them to make them look brighter etc. but this is all I could do. I am learning what works and what doesn't so if you have tips, I would love to hear them. 

Anyway, like I was saying, I had about 10 minutes to get dressed (my alarm refused to go off, or I refused to hear it). So I wore my trusty blue jeans -  perfect for a hot day and the lighter shade keeps it casual as well. Lucky me, my cuffs were rolled up already and it makes my jeans go from meh, to hey! (You know what I mean...right?)

I added a mustard tee and a grey vest to pull the look together. I swear, I had no time to brush my hair (hair or teeth, and I chose teeth!) so I just shook it and let it do its thing. One of the moments when I love my straight-on-top-and-then-wavy hair. I paired simple white flip flops and of course my teal nail polish was already happily painted on my toes :)

The look works because of the rolled cuffs of my jeans, the pop of color in the mustard as well as the detail in the vest. And voila! I'm ready to run :)


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