October 8, 2011

Eat. Pray. Love - The Mini Series: {Eat. The Simple Joy of Indulging}

Anjani is continuing her adventure and everything seems to be going well. Check out these pictures plus commentary - she and her friend Bani, definitely indulged in the simple, yet mouth wateringly satisfying menu at stops along the way. Oh and not to mention, their "Eat" destination - Jaffna.

The Jungle Oberoi - Kekirawa, Sri Lanka

"The Jungle Oberoi, teaching us city folk what simple food is all about. "

Above, Left: "Breakfast at the Jungle Oberoi — with Pol Sambol, Newly Discovered Condiment!, Dhal Curry (lentils), Deep Fried Dry Fish, String Hoppers"

Above, Right: "Deep Fried Firecracker Chillies, a village specialty and a must have at every breakfast table!"

Jaffna - Day One

"Lunch, an explosion of flavors.  I could eat this, again!  Pol Sambol, Pappadam & Fried Curry Leaves, Steamed Basmati (rice), Dhal Curry, Local Greens made differently, Curried Drumsticks and Screwdriver at Jaffna."

"Dinner, simple and satisfying — with Freshly Pounded Onion Sambol, handmade Chappatis, succulent Fish Curry and B's Version of Sex on the Beach at Jaffna."

Jaffna - Day Two

Above, clockwise from left: " Iddly - Soft as Clouds, Watermelon & Papaya Juice, Coconut Chutney and hearty Vegetable Sambar."

Above, anticlockwise from drink: "An Indian inspired lunch — with Mango Lassi, Brinjal Salad; Cashew Nut Pullao; thick, tender, luscious & succulent Mutton Chettinand and Prawn 65 - deep fried nuggets of curried prawn at Green Grass, Jaffna Town."

"The unique & luminous Rio Ice Cream creations - a treat for the eyes & taste buds and only found in Jaffna! Pineapple Ice Cream at Rio Ice Cream, behind the Nallur Kovil."

"Last dinner in Jaffna  — with Bread, Lime Wedges, Jaffna Kool - the Tom Yum of Sri Lankan cuisine and Butter."

"And so we come to the end of our 'eat' phase. We learned to enjoy simple food, in simple surroundings and we satisfied all our senses... Eating is so much more than nourishment, it is a holistic experience, no matter what is being eaten. 
Now we head on to 'pray' to satisfy the soul…"

Stay tuned for more from this adventurous beauty as she continues her journey!

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