October 16, 2011

Eat. Pray. Love - The Mini Series: {Pray. Finding Peace}

For the "Pray" phase of her Eat.Pray.Love journey, Anjani and her friend went to Anuradapura, a holy city in Sri Lanka. Here are some pictures along with Anjani's comments:

"The beauty of a simple offering and a serene face  — at Ruwanwelisaya, Anuradhapura."

"A monk in search of the truth. His posture of choice- to mediate standing."

"Ruwanwelisaya, in all its lit beauty standing 300ft tall and 950ft wide against the inky black of the night."

"A mini stupor against the dying rays of the sunset."

"With lights brightly shining
Abolishing this gloom
I adore the Enlightened One, 
The Light of the three worlds."

Soul-searching, praying, meditating. Whatever you call it, or whoever you believe - the ultimate question is the same - why did we get put on this earth and how do we maximize the time we have left. For as sure as we were born, one day we will leave...

Follow Anjani as she goes on to the third and final stage of her "Eat. Pray. Love" adventure, coming soon!

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