October 16, 2011

Eat. Pray. Love - The Mini Series: {Love is All You Need}

The final stage of Anjani's journey is here. For the "love" portion of her adventure, Anjani went to Mannar and Kalpitiya. At Mannar, she and her friend visited an orphanage for girls. Here's Anjani's take on it:

"Who says women can't drive? The Anuradhapura - Mannar A14 Highway was amazing. 
Bani clocked over 1,000 kilometers across the country and I navigated using a map, girl power at its best! And yes we were listening to girl power anthems the whole way through!!" 


"Made it to Mannar in one piece and record time!"

"The sweethearts at the Blessed Sisters of the Virgin & Sister Theresa, their caretaker."

"Posing and enjoying the camera"

"The girls and the sister who teaches at the Montessori (Kindergarten) at the home."

"Fell in love with her glimmering eyes and sweet smile"

"Sister Vasanthi rocking her dirt bike and showing us the way"

"A cheeky smile from a cutie pie"

"6 days and an incredible mini adventure later…
Eat - not just to nourish, but to satisfy all five senses. Relish everything you eat, no matter how simple it is. Take pleasure in eating not overindulgence.
Pray - even if you don't believe in anything, to quiet your mind and give you faith.  It makes you feel at peace with yourself and the world around you, especially when it seems like everything is in turmoil. There is nothing wrong with believing, in something, anything.
Love - and respect yourself.  There is no greater love than the love you have for you, so give yourself the love you deserve, in every sense. Love those around you, show compassion and kindness, it makes you and everyone around you feel better. Love can be one-sided, having the other person reciprocate it is a gift, treasure it. Even if they don't, enjoy being in love, it is what makes us human and gives us purpose.
Friends - you might have many of them, but if you find a few that support a crazy road trip idea and actively plan it with you using Google spreadsheets, patiently deal with you while you misread maps and get wrong directions, put up with your quirky sense of humor and your restlessness, always makes you feel like what you have to say is important, sings along to girl power anthems with you, actively blogs about the road trip with you and indulges your need to vent about the same thing over and over again. Hold on to them, because they are keepers and true friends. “Eat. Pray. Love.” would not have been possible without you, Bani, and I wish you all the best for your next new adventure. I can’t wait for the many more crazy road trips planned.
And to all of you, thanks for tuning in! Eat, pray, love because life is too short to starve, disbelieve and hate."
So there you have it - two women on a mini adventure, a journey of self-discovery and appreciation. Life is too short to not do just that. And to those of us who can't go out and have our own little road trip to self-actualization, we can watch and learn and be inspired until one day, we can do the same.


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