October 16, 2011

Eat. Pray. Love - The Mini Series: {Expo Pavillion Margosa}

Jaffna is fast becoming the place to visit in Sri Lanka. Cut off from the public for over 25 years during the civil war, this picturesque town is now accessible - and tourists, both local and foreign are reveling in this new-found access. Anjani and her friend stayed in the renovated Expo Pavillion Margosa, a quaint little bungalow during their Eat phase and she gives us a review in pictures:

"The original sign of the renovated property that Expo took over."

"A beautifully renovated property tucked away just outside of Jaffna town."

"The entrance, where we were greeted with a cold towel and refreshing nelli drink. A welcome befitting a 9 hour drive in the sweltering heat."

"The traditional central courtyard, providing much needed cross winds to keep the place cool and comfortable."

"A sample of the unique decor that punctuates the renovated property, modern twists on traditional pieces."

"Our simple yet comfortably furnished bedroom, complete with cable TV."

"Our outdoor shower. Exposed to the elements but exceptionally refreshing in the unyielding Jaffna heat."

"A section of the Veranda, where we spent most of our time relaxing, reading, blogging and escaping the heat."

"Our guide, our butler and our friend, David - a talented footballer for the local team and one of the many ever-smiling faces that we encountered during our stay."

"The perfect place to stay in Jaffna.  Spectacular food, friendly service, spacious secluded location and beautiful amenities, all at a decent rate. 
Rating: 4.5/5 (Highly Recommended)

For Reservations: 0217 - 390 - 490"
Stay tuned for more as  Anjani heads on to the "Pray" phase of her mini adventure!

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