June 22, 2011

Flower Child Revisited

Hiiiii there! No, I did not fall to my death while trying to strut it in killer 6 inch heels. My silence (I was on another blog host before tonight) can be blamed on my crazy busy life nine-to-five-ing it as a Research Assistant on campus this summer. It's more like 9-7 really and I usually come home with 2 thoughts - dinner and bed.

Anyway, I did have a lot of fun this weekend and hope you did too. I have some pretty pretty girlfriends who are, well, pretty, not to mention talented and creative and I figured why not click some pictures while we hang out. It was a blast - we got to see each other after a while, it was finally sunny out after days of gloomy weather and I decided a themed photoshoot at a nearby park would be perfect! The theme is "Flower Child Revisited" if you didn't already guess by the title of this post!

Models: Rae Piwarski, Laura Slaathaug, Ariel Ludvigsen, Allessa Ludvigsen and moi (cuz it's my blog! Jokes!)

Pictures taken by: Rae, with Laura and I contributing occasionally.

Sister Act - Ariel and Allessa

The reason I themed this photoshoot Flower Child Revisited is because florals and bright colors - a staple of the 70's phase - is currently a trend. The trends encompass the flower child persona but with a modern facelift and I tried to capture that in the pictures like the one below where Rae (right) has on a pair of high-waisted shorts which is a hot trend this summer but she also brings in the flower child vibe with a bright blue bandeau top from Forever 21, a bold fuschia lip and a necklace with leafy accents, also from Forever 21.

Laura, working it in this pretty blue dress and the leafy green background perfectly complements her gorgeous red hair!
Love this picture! But we were so sad that people would vandalize such pretty public property - woah didn't mean to alliterate there!
From left to right: Laura, Ariel, Me and Allessa

Feelin' like a "Flower Child"

"Maybe some women aren’t meant to be tamed. Maybe they just need to run free till they find someone just as wild to run with them."~ Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City

My outfit:
Dress - Picked up at home in Sri Lanka
Neutral cover up: Picked up in Malaysia
Tan sandals: Forever 21

 One with nature :)

The lovely Laura!

Sitting in the rushes...

We had so much fun hanging out and soaking up the sun. Who knows, maybe next time you're out frolicking in the park with your friends, it might just turn into a fully fledged photoshoot! xx


  1. Yes! Love it! Thanks for all the help and support!