June 21, 2011

Get the Look: Pirate Chic

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean
Well, I’m still thinking “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”. One thing I’ve noticed after I stopped swooning over our fave pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow is that a new trend has emerged. I probably mentioned this before – I love fashion, but I also try not to take it too seriously. Anyway, I like knowing what’s new, in, hot or whatever you like to call it. And what’s hot right now is something I like to call Pirate Chic. What’s that? Read on…

The look is pretty much the same as the Boho chic but there is something a little different – something a little out of place almost. Extra messy hair, heavily lined eyes, and lots of brown. Vests, Pouffy sleeves, and chunky chains. Love!

I absolutely adore this silk peasant blouse. It is super pricey though, like over $500 pricey. Since I obviously can't afford this, one of my goals now is to get my hands on a more affordable version of this gorgeous, gorgeous blouse. I love how simple it is, and the rich color complements tan skin like a dream. Perfect example of less is more.

Silk Peasant Blouse
Since the Pirate Chic look is best worn in a casual and low-key kind of way, jeans and denim are the perfect match. If I were to base my outfit around the blouse above, I would go for dark black or blue skinny jeans to keep it understated and balance out the proportions.

Other pieces that can be considered Pirate Chic are slouchy bags, boots and lots of chunky bracelets and chains.

@ Nordstrom

Kaboodle.com, $15

Target, $13.99

I promise I will get better at this blogging thing ;) Until then, hopefully this will bring out the pirate in you!! xo

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