September 28, 2013

Fall/Winter 2013 Trend Report {Runway vs. Real way}

Fashion your seat belts ladies, it's time for the annual Fall/Winter Trend Report! Hope everyone had a great first week of fall (autumn). It's still pretty sunny and warm up here in North Dakota, which is a shocker but I am soaking it all in because soon it will be gone. I bought some cute fall stuffs (!) so I am pretty excited for crisp weather.

There are lots of great fashion trends this season so let's dig in:

Color Trends:
Green is In
This gorgeous color is still here from last year and I couldn't be more excited about it! Darker shades like hunter green and forest green look very autumn appropriate while emerald green (Pantone color of the year) is perfect for the festive season and typically looks good on all skin tones. If you didn't get a dark green trench coat last year, now is your chance! In fact, I'm still on the lookout for a well-tailored forest green coat.

Cobalt Blue
Pantone calls it Mykonos Blue (named after the Greek island Mykonos), but for us simple folk it is pretty much Cobalt blue! The only difference is that Mykonos blue is more moody and subdued.  

Lichen Green & Olive Green
Linden Green is like a moss shade, very close to being khaki. It is a bit tricky to wear because it can make you look pale, but it also gives you an earthy glow. This color can be paired with earthy coral/orange tones, and greys. If you're looking for a difference between linden and olive green, you will notice that they are both almost the same so I wouldn't worry too much about being exact - the folks at Pantone like to come up with pretty names :)

Carafe Brown
This shade is very similar to the color of coffee and injects a touch of spice to the fall/winter season. There are variations on this color going from light to dark, for instance cinnamon-whisky-burgundy. Take care when wearing carafe brown, especially if your are dark skinned because this color can have the effect that nude tones have on pale skin, which is to make it look like you aren't wearing anything! So a few shades darker or lighter is preferable. 

Fifty Shades of Grey
From light to dark, grey is stirring up a storm this season. Pantone's color is called Turbulence Grey which is like a charcoal grey. The dark tones of this hue pair well with blue, purple, green and red.

I personally love jewel tones and these shades usually burst on the scene to brighten dull winter weather. Think purple, mustard yellow, red and orange. And of course, winter white doesn't really go out of style  - click here to find out more.

Style Trends:
Plaid About You
When cold weather hits, it somehow feels like the perfect time to pull out all things plaid from the back of your closet. I don't know why this happens, but it's probably because plaid feels like a rugged print, making it appropriate for the harsh weather. 
The Runway: Runways had this pattern going head-to-toe, but in real life keep it simple, sweetie. 
The Real Way: For casual days, a plaid shirt paired with light (or even dark) jeans and cowboy boots or western-inspired booties make for a perfect combination. Another fun way to wear it is the "schoolgirl" look: a plaid skirt with a button down shirt and knee-high socks. 

Technicolor Coats
Bright coats are a fun way to stand out against the stark white of the winter season. When you feel as dull as the weather, wearing a bright coat will cheer you up and make a style statement at the same time! 
The Runway: Designers had their coats with exaggerated shoulders and XXL sizes. 
The Real Way: Take your color inspiration from the runways but keep the sizing only slightly baggy.

Beanies are huge this season with a lot of texture and color. Wearing a beanie gives you a cool, laid-back attitude and brings out your inner hipster! 
The Runway: This year designers put beanies on almost every kind of outfit, including preppy and lady like clothes. 
The Real Way: Think twice about wearing a neon beanie with your dress and blazer you know, especially if you're going to an interview or something. 

Animal Print
This print never goes out of style and for good reason -- it can take you from blah to rawr in about five seconds.
The Runway: Again, designers go with a head-to-toe look and a little bit oversized. 
The Real Way: Keep it simple by not wearing more than one animal print piece at a time. Also, leopard is considered a neutral so don't hesitate to finish off your outfits with a belt or a pair of shoes in this print.

Folk Inspired
Channel your boho side by incorporating folksy prints this season. Whether on a sweater or a pair of pants, this trend is gorgeous, flirty and feminine. 
The Runway: Designers dressed models in mismatched prints and neon hues to make a statement.
The Real Way: If you can pull it off, wear said sweater and pants together, even. Remember to wear smaller prints if you are petite since big prints look too busy and unflattering. 

Chic Capes
I love me a good cape. Whether brightly colored, embellished or printed, capes offer a fun yet structured alternative to a winter coat. 
The Runway: Capes came in all textures from wool to velvet. They were also toughened up with zippers and buttons.
The Real Way: This type of coat is best worn with a slimmer bottom, like skinny jeans or a pencil skirt in order to balance out the proportions of your outfit.

Made for Metallics
Shine on in shades of gold, silver and bronze. This trend is great for a night out on the town as well as the quickly approaching holiday season. 
The Runway: The runways exaggerate the cut and color, making it almost garish. 
The Real Way: Opt for simple silhouettes in order for the color to stand out. Make sure the colors complement your skin tone too.

Winter Florals
Your love for florals doesn't have to wither in the winter. 
The Runway: Blossoms were drastically less feminine and bright for the colder season. Designers went for dark and edgy in their collections.
The Real Way: A simple way to sport this trend is to look for floral print on a black background.  

I heart you
Your clothes are about to get lots of love this season: hearts, lips, x's and o's on everything from dresses to scarves and belts will very soon hit the high streets. 
The Runway: Hearts went from just being printed on a sleeve and instead got transformed into head-to-toe prints in varying sizes.
The Real Way: A heart print blouse tucked into a pencil skirt for work is so unexpected, sweet and sassy. Don't over do the outfit and keep your makeup simple to avoid looking like a little girl.

Think Pink
Dusty pink is back for fall and yes, you can wear it on Wednesdays! 
The Runway: It was all about the texture on the runways and designers went with high shine, subtle sheen and full on fuzzy. 
The Real Way: Cashmere sweaters look adorable in light pink tones so if you get one piece in this color, this should be it. Pastel colors like orange, blue and purple are also in for the cold season.

Other F/W '13 Trends:
Thigh-high boots
Over-sized coats
Midi skirts and dresses

There you have it, a list of my favorite fall/winter trends of 2013. I hope you have a very fashionable fall/winter 2013!

Stay stylish,
xoxo- Chrissy

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