May 27, 2013

Hairstyles for Summer 2013

Everyone gets excited when summer rolls around and it makes us want something new and fresh (in terms of hair) to go with the return of our carefree, bohemian attitudes. When it comes to our hair, we want something that's stylish and modern but also easy to maintain and comfortable in order to deal with the heat. Here are some pretty options:

Beachy Waves
This is a summer classic and it really compliments the laid-back nature of the season. The heat can make our hair naturally wavy, but for those of you who have super straight hair, you can also do a quick curl (it won't even take 10 minutes) to get those soft waves. Or even use a salt water spray and scrunch up your hair to get that seaside look.
Quick Tip: An easy way to get wavy hair without spending hours with your curling iron is to separate hair into sections, twist it and then run your flat iron through it. Piece of cake! 

[Retro] Bobs
Another great look depending on your face shape, the retro bob is basically chin length hair with volume at the back. Unlike an angled bob (longer in front), this hairstyle is most commonly cut in one length. Wavy haired girls can also work this look - just ask your stylist to add layers at the back of the head for a round, full look. One of my favorite looks is super curly Afro hair cut up to a short bob. Although it isn't exactly a retro bob, it is so gorgeous if you have the right hair type and face. A big trend for summer 2013 is the textured bob - think piece-y, wavy etc.

Messy Braids
This is also a summer staple and it's a great way to get hair off the face and neck area. Fancy, messy braids are very chic and can be dressed up or down. Make sure to add some texture to your hair by crimping or curling it a little bit. You can accessorize this look with glam earrings. Bring out your inner bohemian!

Pixie Cuts
Pixie cuts have been in for a little while now with celebrities like Carey Mulligan, Miley Cyrus, Ginnifer Goodwin and Anne Hathaway all sporting the trend. Textured and piece-y hair is taking center stage, giving an edgy sort of vibe. This is a great look to beat the summer heat if you have the face for it!

So there you have it - a few key hairstyles/cuts for summer 2013. Have you already gotten your hurrr did? Which cut and style did you pick?

Hugs as tight as Rapunzel's braids -

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