May 28, 2012

Eight Fab and Easy Ways to Wear Neon

Neon is all the rage this summer and everyone is getting giggly over this bright flashback from the Eighties. Style Tip: Certain colors can make you look washed out and greyish and this also applies to neon. So do yourself a favor and pick a color that goes with your skin tone. That being said, here are some easy ways to glow in neon!

01. Neon and Neutral
This is the "now" way to wear neon. A mostly neutral outfit acts as a blank canvas for the neon piece to really pop - but what really makes this combo a winner? The pairing is still sophisticated and chic while being fun and cheery. This look is definitely Not Safe For Work. Some great neon+neutral combinations are lime green and grey, neon pink and cream,  and highlighter orange and white.

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02. Neon Colorblock
Colorblocking is still (surprisingly yet thankfully) in. The newest way to wear colorblock is to pair neon hues together. Another way is to pair a complimenting shade of neon with one or two other colors. Always make sure that you wear solid colors when colorblocking (Printed colorblocking can be done, but more on that in a later post). Tip: This is easier to do if you just buy a dress and voila! Problem solved :)
Exhibit 2: Adding lime green with mint and black to create a colorblocked outfit. [Source]
03. Neon Accessories
Of course, the easiest way to wear any trend is with accessories. As always, you need to decide how bold you want to go. Would you rather wear an all-black outfit with a pair of highlighter yellow heels or do you want to amp it up and wear a white summer dress with a big statement necklace in neon orange, along with a lime green purse? The choice is up to you.

04. Fit and Structure
Neon hues are bright and eye-catching. It instantly makes you the center of attention but it also adds pounds and makes you look heavier. The key to wearing anything neon is to have clean lines and structure. A slightly loose dress in hot pink can be worn with a fitted black blazer to tailor the look.

05. Highlight It
As mentioned above, neon can bring attention your way. While you should minimize the damage by opting for a fitted silhouette and avoid looking 10 pounds heavier, you can go the other way and use that attention to highlight your best assets. Got a great derrière? Wear a pair of neon skinny jeans. Have amazing abs? Wear a crop top in hot pink!

06. Neon and Stripes
Stripes are a summer classic. Add some flare to a standby staple with a dash of neon. Pair with dark jeans and tan accessories for a killer combination!

07. Neon Arm Party
An arm party is a wonderful way to incorporate neon. This look has more punch with an all-white ensemble and retro sunglasses - just in time for Memorial Day.

08. Neon Beauty
Bright neon nails would be a fab way to add some cheerfulness - especially when you're stuck in the office wearing a suit while everyone else gets to enjoy the beautiful day outside. Electric lips are also in, with hot pink and bright coral being the most popular colors of choice - and the most flattering. Some bright blush will also work nicely, just make sure to keep the rest of your face subdued.

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Keep smiling and shine on!

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