March 2, 2012

Must-Haves For Your Spring Break Vacay!

Since my spring break will be spent working full-time and studying for some tough exams, I thought I would fantasize a little and make a list of my vacation must-haves. Hey, at least you guys can take a look and be inspired! 

Starting from left, clockwise:

1. Your choice of island getaway - this picture is of Jamaica. I have always wanted to go, and one of my best friends, Natalie, gets to call this beautiful place home.

2. Victoria's Secret Wheelie - What's a perfect spring break without the perfect little bag to carry all your cute stuff?

3. Monokini - Every girl loves a good bikini, but these stylish new one-pieces just beg to be worn.

4. Sundress - Nothing says vacation like a bright, flirty sundress. Take one or five, you just can't go wrong.

5. Floppy Hat - This is a beach/vacay essential. It hides your face from the harmful sun and gives you the instant chic factor. Don't forget the sunscreen.

6. Denim shorts  - Denim cutoffs are an easy-to-wear beach essential. Wear it as a cover up and throw a crochet knit on top so your colorful bikini still shows.

7. Sandals - No heels on the beach missy - some people still need to be told. Wear easy flats for comfort. Neutrals can be worn with anything. Take a pair of heels or wedges for the clubbing.

8. Sunglasses - Shield your eyes from the sun and look like a celebrity. No, seriously, sunglasses give you that ultimate oomph and completes your ensemble.

Now all you need is to actually get to your destination, lie under the blazing sun with a glass of your favorite tropical drink and sigh with contentment.

Promise you'll think of me?

{Images not linked are from Google Images}


  1. Hey. Nice work, love...I know I keep dreaming of beaches too! Oh, I need thee... Sundresses can be worn anytime though! Just pair them with some leggings and a sweater.

  2. Thanks Laura! I agree, Sundress can be worn with tights and sweaters especially during early fall and all of spring!!

  3. Love all of this beachwear! Super cute, can't wait to be on vacation : ) You can check out my blog if you like!

  4. Thanks- I wish I could say the same for me, but here's to you having an amazing vacation!