February 20, 2012


Thank God for long weekends! They are a blessing - I can finally breathe a little and I am feeling a lot better. But while everyone is probably busy partying it up, I am studying - a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Anyway, I am obsessed with mint - the color, not the breath freshener ;) It is definitely going to be my go-to color for Spring and Summer along with coral. Oh and it is also now my fave color almost beating purple (it's currently at a tie now. What a dork, I know). Here's some inspiration of my latest obsession:

So it's settled. My bedroom is going to be painted in mint and white. Focus, we're talking about a few hundred years from now - my dream house, a place to finally call my own, when I'm at that stage in life where I want to settle down and stay in one place. Oh did I mention, preferably overlooking the beach?

My other now destroyed obsession: teacup kittens. For some time, I've been so in love with these tiny cuties, so much in fact, that I even researched them because I was convinced I was getting one. But I'm not. And you shouldn't either. I found out that these little kittens are being 'mass-produced' in kitty mills to feed our obsessions, they are even genetically modified so greedy people can make a buck (or $800!) - so sad. PLEASE don't buy teacup kittens unless you're adopting or it is part of a proper, well bred litter.

 How cute! Would definitely do this for a birthday or an engagement.

 Le sigh


Here's what I've accumulated so far:

 The sweetest day planner ever!

 Flip Flops

40's inspired blouse

Here's hoping you stay minty fresh and awesome!

[Source: All pictures taken from all over the internet, except for the last 3]


  1. i love the mint color for the bedroom super cute