October 28, 2011

I'm Coming Home

Last weekend was Homecoming here at the University of North Dakota. Needless to say, the campus was buzzing with activity and excitement. Before I got here, I had no idea why people celebrated homecoming and I am glad that I can participate in this wonderful tradition. Who knew you could base so many things around (American) football?

I belong to the International Organization on campus and every year we take part in the parade. We load up a truck with flags from different parts of the world and we play ethnic music and just walk  dance along. We also throw candy like everyone else does, but this yea we spiced it up a bit and decided to throw fortune cookies instead! It was a huge hit - people loved it!!

Here are some pictures of the parade courtesy of Dr. Seelan, our advisor:

We also got interviewed for the UND Website/YouTube channel!

Sharlette, Dr. Seelan's wife, joining in on the fun!
 I love how vibrant the colors are!
Tami (U.S.) and Narda (Jamaica) pose for a picture.
The whole gang!
 Ain't that pretty!?
Tami, one of our advisors, holding the Norwegian flag.
Dani (U.S.) and Matt (Phillipines), proud IO members!
Dipesh (Bangladesh), Isuru (Sri Lanka) and Yanik (Ivory Coast), our "ethnic band".

Hope this inspires you to be a part of the community wherever you may be and still find ways to embrace and showcase your own culture!

Happy Halloween!


  1. I SEE NORWAY!!!!!! Best country in the WORLD! Just sayin...

  2. Wish i could be together w IO!!!!good to see youguys thx crissy;) heekyeong from Korea

  3. Victoria - you would, being that you;re Norwegian and all :)

    And Heekyeong, no problem, miss ya too!