October 10, 2011

Scary Things You Don't Know About Your Food!!!

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I somehow landed on this article while surfing the web and boy, was I horrified. The article is aptly named, "The 6 Most Horrifying Lies The Food Industry is Feeding You". Here are some of the shockers:

1. Fake fruits marketed as the real thing - and tastes like the real thing too (aaaah!!!)
2. Wood in your food!
3. Clean food - not so fast, the cleaning process includes AMMONIA!

What is this world coming to? People need to get a hold of themselves - our lust for power and money has definitely clouded our judgement, hell it's smog in there! Are we ever free of this? Will awareness help us stay healthy and alive, or is it too little too late? Read the article to find out what's really going on. 

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