October 25, 2011

Lingerie: Lessons and Lingo

Hello Lovelies!

Hope you all had a great weekend and are rested for the week ahead. I recently got a request for a lingerie post and I thought, yes, why not? So here it is, everything you need to know :)
Done drooling over and envying these hot girls and their bods? Okay then, let's get started.

Know Your Body Type - Let's face it, none of us are Victoria's Secret models (how awesome would that be!) so we need to know what works best for our body type. Are you an hourglass, a pear, an inverted triangle? Look online and find out (I think I will have a post on body type/shape coming soon). Also, if you think only really petite Kate Moss types can wear sexy lingerie, think again. Love your body and yourself, and you will see that there are endless options.

Take Your Time and Make Your PickAs with everything these days, we are faced with a lot of variety when it comes to buying lingerie. The key is to experiment (in the dressing room) and no matter what your body type, don't buy anything that doesn't make you feel like you're a pussycat doll!
Black Lace, Gloves and Jewels - You Just Can't Go Wrong!
Know Your Subject -There are many different pieces of lingerie and before buying, it is important to know what look or feel you are going for. Always remember, if you don't feel comfortable in it, it's not worth buying. Everyone knows what a bikini bottom and a thong are but do you know the different between a corset and a bustier? A camisole an a chemise? Here's help:

The Babydoll: A short, loose flowing gown that stops at the hip (with built in bra- cups). It comes in a variety of materials from silk to nylon  and can be opaque or sheer. Usually sold with a matching bottom.
Garter Belt: Is worn with a dress or skirt - never with pants. It is worn around the waist with stockings or thigh-highs which are attached to the belt with 4 to 8 straps (the straps are part of the garter belt). Wear with a complementing bra.
Camisole: This is a short, loose fitting top that goes to the waist. It can be worn like a slip underneath your clothes. Many women like to wear them under blazers.

Chemise: A gown with thin straps that fall just above the knee. Most chemises are made of silky, satiny material.

Teddy Nightie: A short gown that falls below the waist but above the upper half of your thighs. Worn with skimpy panties.

Bustier: This is a strapless bra that goes down to the waist. It can be attached to garter straps. This instantly makes you feel like you're the hottest woman on the planet.
Corset: This is what made Keira Knightly fall into the water in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It is a tight fitting, stiff top that cinches the waist and gives your girls a lift. Garter straps can be attached to the bottom.
Briefs/ Boy Shorts: Like briefs that boys wear, hence the name . Only the girl version is a lot cuter/hotter/sexier, you name it, you got it.

Kimonos: A robe usually worn over lingerie, it is designed for when a girl wants to be comfortable and walk around without being too revealing.

And just to be clear, 
Thongs: Similar to a G-String but with a little more fabric going up the back, unlike a G-String, which has well, just a string.

Complement Your Colors

It is important to distinguish where your body ends and your lingerie begins so try not to pick colors that camouflage you. You want to stand out not look washed out.

If you're fair-skinned, pastels colors work well, just make sure to match your hair/eye color as well for better results. Blues and pinks go really well, especially with blonde hair. If you are a red-head, you too can pull off bright colors, but be careful since you don't want to clash with your gorgeous locks, which will be part of the package already! As always, jewel tones and shades of green are a safe bet.

For olive or tanned skin, slightly darker colors will look great as does bright colors. Thinks reds, yellows and purples. Brunettes and raven-haired girls can pull off bright blues and greens and can carry off bold prints too! For darker skin, almost all colors look good, especially bold, bright colors and darker shades as well. Anything from red to coral will look ravishing!

Some Do's and Don'ts

- Be comfortable in your outfit

- Have confidence and show it!

- Flaunt your best features; wear a babydoll to show off your long legs.

- Wear killer shoes

- Dress around a theme

- Wear black tights/hose to make legs look longer and leaner.

- Feel insecure - it will be as sheer as your fabric and that's not a good look. You are beautiful and you can pull it off. Remember, it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it.
- Wear too tight/loose - the right fit is essential.
- Wear lingerie that is ripped or worn - you wanna look classy and put-together, not trashy.

- Wear light colors if you want your legs to look slimmer.

Women of all eras know the importance and wonders of good lingerie! Source
Some more tips:
Beautiful lingerie makes you feel like a million dollars. Even though most of the lingerie we wear is not seen, it affects how we we look and feel and that makes a difference. Keeping your lingerie in good condition and properly cared for will extend its use and will help you feel comfortable and sexy.

Victoria's Secret, Bare Necessities and Fredericks of Hollywood are some of my favorite stores - I love their selections. La Senza is also a very sexy brand. If you have a bigger budget, opt for Agent Provocateur and La Perla.

Have fun!


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