August 5, 2011

Get the Look: Pretty Little Liars Style - Hanna Marin

Hello kittens! 

This week's episode of PLL was definitely a good one! Don't you just love it when they show you what A is upto at the end of each episode? Nothing prepared me for A hiding in the morgue though and I really want to know what the hell Jenna is hiding! But let's focus on what's important - style!!

Many of you have been waiting for my post on Hanna Marin's style (played by actress Ashley Benson). Hanna is definitely a style darling but one of the nicer Queen Bees out there for sure. Like every Queen Bee however, yours truly spends her time shopping for designer duds and worrying her pretty little head over whether or not her new Fendi bag matches her Betsey Johnson dress! Here are the main elements of Hanna's style:
  • Jackets
  • Frills/Ruffles
  • Color - especially pastels, as well as bright, bold colors
  • Glam purses with details - think bows and studs.
  • Killer heels
  • Statement jewellery
Hanna Marin Style
Other tips:

Look put-together: Hanna always looks polished and put-together, whether she's doing homework, or running around at night for 'A' clues. Strive towards this when you create your outfit.

Balance girly with a touch of masculinity: Hanna is a pro at creating the perfect balance in her outfits. She's a girly girl but with an edge. Notice how she wears the most feminine dress or pastel tank and adds a fitted blazer to complete the look.

Wear statement jewellery: Rosewood's It Girl is often seen sporting gorgeous cocktail rings, chunky necklaces and dangling earrings. Accessories can make or break your outfit so select them with care but don't be afraid to take risks here - it's the easiest way to do so as well as try a new trend or two.

Define your waist: If you're blessed with curves and a narrow waist - always play it up with a belt or something high-waisted. For those of you who are not, turn that frown into a smile because you can do the exact same thing!

Here's some Hanna Marin style candy:

Invest in a great leather jacket like the one Hanna wears above. A leather jacket is a luxe basic that can be worn over anything from a frilly dress to a sequined tank to a Plain Jane t-shirt! Whatever the look, it will be bomb!

Hanna wears a lot of jackets, and once you too have invested in all the basic pieces in neutral colors, you can start assembling a whole collection of chic jackets. Look for unique details like color and pattern like Hanna's red and black diagonal stripes. It makes your outfit interesting while still tying it together - one stone, two birds, you know what they say.

Love this belted, print tunic! This is a perfect way to transition into a Fall wardrobe while still maximizing the use of your summer clothes. Prints really say something about your style - it adds a touch of worldliness and gives you that exotic yet modern je ne sais quoi .

This is great work outfit - professional and classy but not boring. Buttons can work like an accessory like it does here. It completely transforms Hanna's casual dress and cardi combo and the result is glam!

I will never get enough of this outfit. I practically died and went to heaven when I saw it for the first time. Love the color, the feathers, the detailed waist, and the bold accessories. This look is perfect!!! Unfortunately this exact dress is sold out, but someday if I do achieve my goals and make some money in the process, I am going to positively BEG Sue Wong to recreate this dress and I WILL buy it! Enough said.

Hanna upgrades an all black outfit with a bold cobalt blue jacket. I love how the bow detail of her shirt complements the jacket. An all-black (or any other monochrome look, for that matter) does wonders for making you look taller and slimmer but try adding a bold pop of color in the form of a jacket or scarf to really add some oomph to your outfit.

Always remember to keep your proportions right - it really is the difference between classy and put-together and fashion victim.

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  1. her style accentuates her hourglass figure very hott