July 19, 2011

Get the Look: Pretty Little Liars Style - Spencer Hastings

Spencer Hastings played by Troian Bellisario is known for her go-getter attitude, privileged upbringing and serious personality style! Spencer's outfits are always preppy but with an edge that makes it modern and wearable even for the rest of us who do not ride our very own horse on Sunday mornings [no offense to those of you who do :)]. Here are the main elements of Spencer's style:
  • Blazers and Jackets
  • Oxford Shoes
  • Neutrals
  • Menswear
  • Tights
Spencer Hastings' Style

Other tips:

Dare to delve into androgynous territory and don't be afraid to mix masculinity and femininity in your outfits - It's quite the norm to see dainty floral dresses paired with a menswear-inspired blazer and that's alright. But try something different wear lacy white tights with oxford shoes or military boots.

Add some classic preppy pieces - Spencer wears a lot of nautical stripes, loafers, oxford button-downs and plaid.

Use a neutral canvas. Spencer loves muted colors and this is perfect because you can add a piece that will really pop and complete your outfit. The earthy tones she is often seen wearing is perfect for Fall/Winter weather. Keep your eyes peeled for mustard yellows, burgundy, navy blue, cognac and forest green to add some spice to your back to school wardrobe!

Go gaga for glam! - Spencer's everyday look is "business casual with a twist" but when the occasion calls for it, girlfriend brings on the glam factor! Remember her homecoming outfit? The key is to keep it structured and classic.

Here's some Spencer Hastings style candy:

Not gonna lie, winters can really take a toll on a girl - hiding those cute clothes under that big parka will most definitely result in seasonal depression. Enter the cape. A cape is not the most obvious choice of coat but the right style like the one on Spencer can work magic. This cape has a great cut and flow and will keep you warm at least for the first half of winter. As always remember to mind your proportions - wear something fitted on the bottom, please and thank you :)

I heart this tunic top. Tunics are flattering on all body types and Spencer as always, looks polished in hers. I love how voluminous this tunic is and I am still in search of a similar one. Add a great belt to balance out the volume and highlight your waist. Wear with skinny jeans, leggings or maybe even a great pair of tights for a fab look!

Blazers are a wardrobe staple for the simple reason that it instantly pulls an outfit together and it goes with everything from dresses, to tank tops to t-shirts and blouses. Spencer's casual chic look is something we can all try - tuck an ethnic tank top into your jeans, add a fitted blazer, a long necklace and maybe some chunky rings. Oh and don't forget some nice ankle boots!

This outfit is certainly up there in my top Spencer faves. There are sooo many ways to wear a classic white button-down and this is surely one of them. Way to keep it young and fresh with a bold cardigan and the hair also adds a twist to the overall look. 

Accessorizing can make or break your outfit. Here, Spencer adds a wide belt over her sweater to define her waist and add some texture to an otherwise ordinary look. This is a great way to spice up your outfits. Another thing that's catching my eye here: dressing in different shades of one color. Watch and learn, ladies!

Some people think plaid is a fashion no-no. Well, no no my dears, you need to learn how to do it right. And this outfit hits it on the spot! So preppy yet, so not stuffy. Plaid is a bold print so a skirt or scarf should be good buys. Pair one plaid piece in your outfit and try to style it in a variety of ways.

Picture perfect. Loving the lace-up boots over the skinny jeans, the cardigan provides great texture and the accessories cinch it in. Spencer gets it right, again.

Stay classy fashionistas!

(Images from Google. Polyvore set created by me)


  1. waw that's very cute...but i still think that the LADY of fashion is BLAIR WALDORF. BLAIR and SPENCER actually have alot ain commun dont you think!the class,the ladyness and the "always ready to go(and often to fight)"thank you you are so talented

    1. I agree! I love Spencer's style, but Blair has always been my favorite fashionista on TV (with AND without the head band). Still is. Great post, btw. Will check out stores and see if I can find things similar to some of her clothes. :)

    2. Glad you like the post :) Yes, Blair does have great style - sometimes it's a little too preppy for me, but for the most part I adore her looks!

  2. You made a great post! Thank you :) I love preppy style and I think in pretty little liars they do it really good!

  3. I'm glad you like it! Thanks :)

  4. This is great! good job. Hope you look in to the style of Aria Montogomery and do a post on it as well. :)

  5. Thsnk you! And yes, I will do a post on Aria really soon :)

  6. Hey i sew your post and I notice it's not Troian Bellasario it's Troian Bellisario ok?
    hope you see this and fix :)

    1. All fixed! Thank you for catching that :)

  7. Replies
    1. You're welcome, thanks for the comment :)

  8. LOVED this,totally gonna rock this preppy look ;)

    1. Wonderful, glad I could help! Thank you for leaving a comment :)