May 7, 2014

{Fashion} Met Gala 2014: Worst Dressed + On The Fence

After sharing my Best Dressed list with you guys, I decided to play a little game of fashion police and make a list of the worst dressed celebrities and also those that I am on the fence about. So without further ado, here are my thoughts:

This is just too costume-y. It's comical and not in a good way. I love NPH but this is just an epic fail.
Katie has the potential to be very stylish--she certainly has the looks for it. But she keeps missing and this canary yellow Marchesa is clearly another bad choice. It looks like Belle (from The Beauty and the Beast, duh!) got run over. 

The sisters Olsen are known for their good looks and style savvy but they missed the boat here. In fact, Mary Kate and Ashley looks like they just got off the boat to the New World and Elizabeth looks like she got lost on her way to figure skating camp.

I love Lupita N'yongo. She is talented and she has been a fashion darling ever since she stepped out on the scene. But everyone goes wrong eventually and makes a fashion mistake. I'm just sad that it had to happen at the Met Ball. Chin up Lupita, you'll get them next year.

Shailene Woodley's Rodarte dress is not a good choice either. The usually fashionable star got it wrong with this one. Plus her hair and makeup ages her normally youthful appearance.

Kate Upton looks horrible in this dress. It reminds me of Little Bo Peep, but in a really bad way. The buxom beauty should have stuck to wearing something more her style instead of trying too hard to be high fashion.
Oh no Solange! What happened? She usually takes my breath away but this is just all kinds of wrong. The color is very 80's and although the singer could have made it work, there is only so much you can do with a shapeless orange sack, which is what this dress is. Points off for that hair and makeup as well. I cannot wait till she redeems herself. I am rooting for you, Solange!

Too many things going on here, Margot. And that dress is wrong for the event. The exposed bra, weird neckline, crazy geometric skirt, and sheer, embellished top are just too much. They compete with each other so loudly, I don't know where to look.

On The Fence:

These are the celebrities I don't know what to do with. I am not sure if they are a hit or miss. They certainly bring something, but they should have been clearer/tried harder/got a better stylist. And some are just meh.
I don't really know what to think of Kristen Stewart's Chanel Couture. I like the colors and the high fashion elements like the embellishments and sheer panel. I just don't think they all work together. It's more punk than Charles James. Still, it's not a complete fail.
I expected more from Selena Gomez. Her style has evolved so much recently that this plain DVF number feels too boring. I mean, it's the Met Ball for heaven's sake. She needs to step it up.

I like Oliva Munn's gown but there's something off about it. I think it's the train. Plus, her hair is all wrong.

Rihanna's Stella McCartney dress is alright in my opinion. It looks like a two piece but there is another deep cut out in the back. I just think it's too many cutouts and if she really wanted to wear it, the Grammy's or some other music awards show would be a better place to show this dress off. Also, I don't like her hair.

Jessica Alba's dress is pretty, but when I looked closely I didn't particularly like the drop down waist. The color washes her out too. I wish she had gone for something bright and poppy.

Chloe Sevigny's dress is alright. I like the peplum and the slit.The straps on the dress ruin it for me. Her hair and makeup needs work too and on second thought, she should have picked a better dress.

What do you guys think? How bad did these stars do? Anyone I missed?

Stay true to your fashionable selves,
xoxo - Chrissy

[All images have been taken via Google]

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