October 19, 2012

{ Favorite Things Friday } It's my birthday, what?

{Via Pinterest}
Today is my birthday(!!!!!!!!), and it's starting out great. I have a lot of fun things to look forward to today and what a great day to appreciate and list my favorite things of the week! This little girl (above) knows what's up, I have so much respect for her - you go girl, it's your birthday - you go ahead and party like you mean it!

However, with every birthday, there's this:
{Via Pinterest}
But I still love it when people sing happy birthday. It sure is a little awkward though - you just stand there with a huge grin on your face. At least this year, I knew everyone and it wasn't in public. Thank God for life's little blessings ;)

So anyway...things I'm thankful for:
Today I,
Ate cake for breakfast - I always try to do this on my birthday, although I have been known to do this occasionally when it is not my birthday.

Got lots of warm, fuzzy feelings thanks to the numerous birthday wishes, calls, texts and every little thing people did to make my day better! It's so nice of people to take a little time and show they care :)

Received tons of hugs and kisses - and we all know a little love goes a long way. And love makes the world go round. So does chocolate, I got a lot of chocolate.

Had a great time being spoiled rotten by my boyfriend. Flowers, cake, chocolates, birthday presents, a birthday dinner and a whole load of love - what more can you ask for? 

Gifts!! We all love those, and what better excuse to give someone a present than their birthday? 

Experienced a perfect fall day - kinda rainy, kinda gloomy. Great for staying indoors, or walking outside. Great for wearing beautiful fall layers, warm colors and riding boots! It wasn't a sunny summer day, but it was just as good.

I was thinking, birthdays are great, you're happy and cheerful and everyone is nice to you. Plus you get presents!! So here's my challenge to you (and myself):

I can't promise you presents, but I can say you are going to have a great day when you think like this!
Cheers, oh and happy birthday! ;)

XOXO- Chrissy

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