November 17, 2011

Things I Love About Fall

The official first day of Winter is on December 21. But here in North Dakota, winter starts from the minute the snow stays on the ground, because along comes the wind and before you know it, you could freeze into a human snowman. Unfortunately, these dark days are upon us and I have been desperately wishing for a rewind button to indulge in fall, if just for a moment (or another month is fine too).  To escape, I was looking at pictures online and I thought I would share the things I love about fall with all of you :)

I love absorbing nature's beauty and everything it has to offer. This is why I need a sweet expensive camera. Anyway, back to the list.

1. The Glorious Colors of Fall
Shades of Red, from leaves that look like glistening rubies to the color of a rich Merlot and onto scarlet hues and tones of burgundy.
 Yellow tones, from bright sunflower and lemon to a good dose of mustard and amber.

Bursts of orange and gold, from intense flame hues to shades of copper and brass.

2. Love Blossoms In Every Season

3. Caramel Machiattos

4. The crunch of leaves under your feet

5. Leaves falling around you as you walk outside

6. The sunlight streaming thought a canopy of tinted leaves

7. The smell and flavor of cinnamon

8. Pumpkins used as decor

9. Pumpkin patches

 10. Sitting down on park bench to let the beauty around you sink in

11. Drinking Apple Cider

12. Eating smores
13. Sitting around a bonfire or a fireplace

14. Running around in a corn maze 

15. Chunky scarves, knit scarves, colorful scarves - warm scarves

16. Hot cups of coffee 

17. Pumpkin carving

18. Plaid Shirts

19. Warm blankets

20. Comfy knit sweaters

21. All things pumpkin flavored (I don't personally like it, but I love it when others enjoy it)

22. Hayrides

23. Boots - tall, short, ankle, knee-high: love 'em all

24. Apple picking

25. Marshmallows

26. Halloween

27. Croissants and scones and big breakfasts (preferably in bed!) 

28. Fall scents

 29. Apple Pie

30. Crisp air and the first chilly day

31. Seasonal scented candles

 32. Fog

 33. Spices 

34. The smell of wood  

35. Feeling like you're living in your own little enchanted world - that rustic atmosphere thanks to all the colors and the autumnal touches, you know the one :)

36. Pine cones and acorns

 37. Preparing for winter

 38. Thanksgiving

Hope you enjoyed this list :)

Happy Turkey Day everybody!


(Full disclosure: All images via google images)


  1. i love how you make the simple things in life seem so wonderful.. great job love the pics

  2. Thank you so much! We so often take the little things for granted and don't realize until it's too late.. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. This is my favorite post of yours, Chris! Beautiful. These are all my favorite things ever. Preach it, girl.

  4. Thank you, Rae :)You are too kind :)