October 7, 2011

Eat. Pray. Love - The Mini Series: {The Beginning}


Another week has flown by and TGIF! I have quite the post for you :) 

My friend, the amazing Anjani Athukorala, is a woman of many dimensions - she is smart, witty, creative and the girl's got style! She also likes the good things in life and knows the value of living while you can. 

Right now, she is on a mission - a fun mission, to really live and to experience life and the world around us in all it's simple glory. God knows, we would all like to just step outside the norm and have our own personal "Eat.Pray.Love" moment. Well, that's exactly what she did! Without further ado, here are the details of the journey in the words of the lady herself:

“What do you do when you run out of positivity and a zest for living? Elizabeth Gilbert had a clue. 
After recently re-watching the movie remake, two close friends were inspired to conduct a mini version of the plot. Not having the luxury of one year of leave, a huge movie budget or the luck of the leading male co-star, restrictions were put in place and the plan was formed.
6 days, 4 scenic destinations in beautiful Sri Lanka, 2 friends, 1 road and 1 goal, to enjoy life in its simplicity and to revel in the day to day activities that we take for granted. 
And so begins the beginning... "

Are These Women Crazy?

“I think that is a legitimate question really… what would possess two women to even attempt something like this.  
Well, it was getting to a point in the year, where we were feeling burnt out, exhausted, uninspired and we realized that time for ourselves was just not available anymore… we were spending way too much time being bogged down by things that didn't matter and it was getting to a point where it was just plain depressing.   
So we planned a road trip... 6 days across the country… exploring beautiful Jaffna and it’s amazing cuisine, serene Anuradhapura and its spiritual surroundings and stunning Kalpitiya for the romance of the ocean… and then it hit me… unbeknown to us we were planning a road trip that resembled a mini eat pray love…   
Eat.Pray.Love is a fantastic book/movie that always left us both with a great feel good after effect. I am sure many of us dreamed of having a similar experience. But where is the time? Where are the resources?  
So I guess you could call this a mini experiment. Although it might not be to the grand scale in the movie or book, this is more like a tribute… to a great idea... a feel good sabbatical… that maybe every single person should aspire to embark on… no matter the resources, no matter the restrictions… as an ode to life and the beauty of living.  
So I hope you stay tuned as I keep track of our mini 6-day adventure and maybe we will discover something new along the way.”
The Plan

“What is “Eat.Pray.Love": The Mini-Series?   
In Brief: It’s a six-day road trip, two women conquering the A9 highway. The Journey: Colombo -> Jaffna -> Anuradhapura -> Mannar -> Kalpitiya -> Colombo.  
The Breakdown  
Jaffna: Eat eat eat!!! Everything in sight, and savor the amazing cuisine of Jaffna! Crab curry, Jaffna Kool, Rio Ice Cream, Dosa, Lassi etc… We will be visiting a variety of different eating establishments. 
Anuradhapura: Pray, visiting the amazing temples of the area, enjoying the serenity and meditating   
Mannar: A day visit to a girl's orphanage 
Kalpitiya: Love, ourselves, spend time unwinding, relaxing and doing feel-good things and reflecting on the year that has passed.”

So there you have it. The beginning of a great adventure and the road to self-discovery and personal satisfaction. 

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