September 5, 2011

Who Run The World? Beyonce, Of Course!

The long-legged beauty turned 30 yesterday and she is looking better than ever! Like seriously, what's not to love? She is gorgeous as hell, has an amazing voice and she can act! Plus, she's got style and her own line of clothing, House of Dereon. Her baby is going to be beautiful, just like momma! Here are some pictures of this fierce queen:

This chick can pull of anything!
With her man, Jay-Z
Doing what she does best
This has got to be my favorite pic of her ever! Just look at that face/skin - flawless!
The baby bump
If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
This video always brightens my mood - mad dancing skills. 

Happy Birthday Beyonce!


  1. I love Beyonce. She is my hero. She has class in every fiber of her being.

  2. I know, Laura. Isn't she great?!