September 17, 2011

Men's Style: Fall/Winter 2011

Hello fashion savvy friends of the male species!

From caveman, to Romeo to fully-fledged metrosexual, men have really evolved in the fashion and style department. Bravo! Here's what's hot for Fall - and by that I mean, what I like :) Pick your favorites boys, or step out of your comfort zone and try something new - the women in your life (mothers, girlfriends, sisters, friends) will definitely appreciate it. 

1. Casual underneath, Classy on Top
Jeans and a Tshirt have always looked good on men. The classic combo of course is a collarless, crewneck paired with jeans and this is still on trend for Fall/Winter 2011. As always, however, there is a twist. Wear that crewneck with skinny or straight-legged jeans with a better fit and throw a blazer on top and add white or navy canvas shoes. Perfect for the bar and the girls will swoon - see, you don't have to try too hard.

2. The Trench Coat
It's getting chilly but it's still warm enough to wear a light trench. I will always love a guy who can wear a trench coat - it's screams classy and instantly adds a touch of mystery. That's a guy I want to get to know a little bit better, and a lot of girls agree with me. Be careful not to wear one that's too fitting - especially at the waist. Keep it manly and it will be a huge success! This guys gets it right:
3. Camel Coat
The camel coat was big last year and it's still here to stay. Just look how David Beckham rocks it:
On a side note, check out Becks' hair/beard. Perfect. His beard is just the right touch of rugged instead of looking like he doesn't shave regularly.
4. Shades of Pink
I think real men can wear pink AND look good in it. There's a shade out there for every man and that's awesome because shades of pink are in for F/W 2011. I've noticed that the lighter, rustier shades look better than bright, hot pink, but whatever floats your boat, dude. Wear a pink polo with jeans and white sneakers. Or when going a little dressy, opt for a light pink shirt with grey jeans instead of pairing it with boring blue all the time.
5. Turtlenecks
For some reason, turtlenecks on guys, when worn right, oozes fashion sense and class. And it keeps you warm. Both bulky and thin turtlenecks are making a big comeback this season so try em both or pick your favorite. Keep it modern with dark colors and throw a tailored jacket on top for that extra polish. A popular way to wear them is with a suit - replace the shirt and tie with a turtleneck. Or if you want to go really casual, a bulky turtleneck with a beanie looks really good - especially in grey.
6. Forest Green
I love this color. I'm excited to see this trend on men because I think it can look very sexy on a man who wears it right with a hint of a rugged beard/hair combo. Wear it as a scarf, a shirt, or a turtleneck and pair it with brown and khaki tones, black and grey. If you can pull it off, camel and forest green can look very good together.
7. A splash of color
We're seeing a lot of color with men's fashion this season. Enjoy it and make it work for you. You don't have to look like your day job is a clown at the circus. Try using a pop of color on a neutral canvas to really stand out and let the girls take notice of you! Another great way to incorporate color is in your choice of ties, scarves and definitely try out a sweater in a bright hue like electric blue.
8. Grey Scale
Head to toe grey is big this season but make sure it's the right shade of grey for your skin tone because otherwise you end up looking washed out. For extra edge, combine two trends together and pair a grey suit with a turtleneck in the same color.

9. Lace-up Boots
This is a great look, especially worn over skinny/straight legged jeans. Pair with a chunky sweater and a beanie and you're good to go.

10. Plaid
Plaid is a common fall/winter staple and it looks polished and preppy. Don't overdo the look - it's not like you own a castle in the English countryside. But don a plaid coat and keep the rest of your outfit simple? Now that's a winning combination! Also, plaid shirts are still in which means you can still wear it to the party you're heading out to tonight. Ah Becks, he always gets it right:

Other F/W 2011 trends:
  • Military coats
  • 70's style sweaters
  • Printed sweaters
  • Toggle jackets
  • Vests
  • Velvet - tricky to pull off, but kudos to you if you can work it!

Don't be afraid to give in to your fashionable side, boys. Contrary to what some people may think, a man who can dress well is definitely a winner and yes, the ladies will take note and move you up on the 10-point scale! 

Let me know what you think, and feel free to leave me questions/comments!
Have a good weekend!

(All images via google images)

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