July 28, 2011

The Music and Style of Amy Winehouse

I love Amy Winehouse's music. Despite all of her personal issues, she had talent and I'm kind of sad it didn't work out too good for her. The lady also had a unique sense of style. While I wouldn't necessarily try out all of it, here are a few things you can experiment with:

1. Winged eyeliner: You can tone it down a little like I do (because I think it overwhelms my small face) or go for a dramatic look like Amy did.

2. Bold Lips: If you're going to try this look, definitely tone down the eyes. You can only focus on one at a time - the eyes or the lips, otherwise you end up looking like a clown.
3. Pouffy Hair: It's a great way to create some drama and change up your look. I personally wouldn't do the beehive like Amy Winehouse, neither would I pouf it to Snookie territory, but the added height works wonders on round faces like mine!

On another note, these are my 3 favorite songs by her:

RIP Amy Winehouse...

(Images via google images)


  1. "Won't ya come on over, Valerie!"

    Nice article. I really liked Amy Winehouse. Even though she was eccentric, she had charm and undeniable talent.

  2. Me too, it's a shame she's gone. Her music and voice had so much soul!