July 22, 2011

An Education (for all men)

My friend's sister, Svetlana is super talented and I just loved reading this poem she wrote.  So I had to share it (with her permission of course) :) Enjoy!

An Education (for all men). 

by Svetlana De Fonseka Abeysekara

I am a woman.
Not a "bitch",
Not your "whore",
And definitely not your "sister"-
Hold up…

Is that how you treat your sister, mister?
'Cause that just ain’t "dope".

You want to hold her hand,
Don’t pull at it.
Hands are gentle,
Move to words.

We women think in swirls.
Put your boxes away.

Sing to her soul,
Don’t whistle in her face,
Don’t laugh at her stride,
Smile at her grace.

Always remember that her face ends
Where her chin begins.

Also remember-
I’m a mother,
A daughter,
A sister,
A friend.

You don’t “tap” this
You win a heart.

I’m a woman;
And I’m all woman baby.
Not a doll,
So don’t wind me up.

Learn to love not lust-
It’s a fine line.
It’s a subtle art.

-26th September, 2008. Spoken piece. Written after an awkward encounter with a Merely-Male.

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