September 2, 2011

Get The Look: Gossip Girl Style - Blair Waldorf

I am super pumped for the 5th season of Gossip Girl and I know many of you beautiful fashionistas are! Many of you asked for GG "Get The Look" posts and who better to start with than our favorite Upper East Sider, Queen B herself! Blair Waldorf, played by the gorgeous Leighton Meester has a fierce personality, classic style and a killer wardrobe! Here are the main elements of Blair's style:
  • Headbands and hats
  • Tights
  • Bold pops of color
  • Dresses and skirts
  • Bags and coats
Blair's style is very classy and preppy. She always looks polished and put-together looking like she just walked out of a catalogue. She is very lady-like in both her style and personality, not to mention her ambitions of conquering the world/New York and becoming a successful power woman - and she dresses the part.

Dress Me Up
Blair definitely wears a lot of dresses. She usually goes for lady-like dresses as well as some retro inspiration. Her dresses also highlight her preppy, upper class tastes, but she is not afraid to play with texture, print and bright colors.

Queen Bee knows how to dress like a lady
I love this navy dress! It has a distinct sailor/retro-esque look to it and is just perfect! The detailing is typical of Blair  - the exaggerated collar with white piping, the double-breasted buttons and the skinny white belt. The printed green scarf tied around her neck, is just the right touch to convey Blair's Upper East Side Pairisan look. Note how there is no jewelry to distract from the look.

Ladies can play too
While Blair usually sticks to clean lines and fitted silhouettes, she does spice things up. Here she is wearing a bright floral halter dress with a bubble skirt paired with cute flip flops for a laid-back summer look. Again, the dress is loud enough so avoid a lot of jewelry. Notice how minimal jewelry does not keep her from painting her nails, in this picture and the one above.
Sheath Dresses
Blair wears tons of sheath dresses. A sheath is a figure-hugging dress with a defined waist (usually without an attached belt or tie) that falls mid-calf or below the knee. They can be sleeved or sleeveless and are very elegant. Sheath dresses look amazing on curvy, hourglass figures! I created 4 different looks in the set above. Notice, that all these dresses can be worn to work - you just need to add a jacket or change shoes. 

Look 1: Definitely a more formal look, wear this to work/meetings. A grey shift dress is a wardrobe must-have, especially if you need need a lot of professional clothes. Paired with a black belt and structured black briefcase bag, this combo screams power outfit! I added a   fun pearl necklace, lightly patterned purple tights and polka-dotted Mary-Janes for interest. Rock this look without tights while the warm weather lasts!

Look 2: Jade is one of the hottest colors of Fall/Winter '11 and one of my personal favorites. The pleating detail is great and something Blair would wear - add the pink pumps with the bow accents and flower studs in your ears. Finish off with this seafoam bag with gold chain link. You could wear this outfit to a fancy dinner or even too wear with simpler shoes.

Look 3: This would be a great date night outfit. A patterned sheath in bright pink keeps the look classy and lady-like, but still modern. The bold pink and green chandelier earrings and the encrusted frog cocktail ring keep  the outfit fun and playful while the black pumps and box clutch tie it all together without going overboard.

Look 4: This is a versatile look for day or night with the only exception being swapping the structured bag for something sleeker. Blair wears neutrals with a pop of color and this  olive sheath and mustard (hello, fall trend!) bag is right up her alley. Pair with brown ankle boots and throw a black or cream jacket on top for work if you'd like. Black hoop earrings and chunky rings complete the look.

Always remember to wear heels with sheath dresses - it just looks better than flats and creates a put-together effect. 

Flirt With A Skirt
Nine times out of ten, Blair is wearing a dress or a skirt. She plays with lots of different colors, styles and textures, not to mention prints.
Queen B loves pairing pencil skirts with loose, romantic blouses. The textures/prints of the skirt and blouse combo is usually different so don't be afraid to experiment and decide what you are comfortable in. She also wears miniskirts, bubble skirts and circle skirts and they all have interesting details, prints and twists.
Blair wears a solid orange skirt that has a slight flare to it. Notice how she adds in the long-sleeve retro-ish shirt with yellow details and a heart-shaped bag. I personally wouldn't wear the bag, but I do like the preppy-ness of the outfit.
I love this outfit. Zig-zag tights with a flouncy two-tone skirt is an unexpected combo but work well together. What really makes this outfit a "Blair" outfit is the menswear inspired extras - blazer and tie. Can you say preppy?
Miss B is all about the drama. She pairs a little black mini with a cream backless blouse that is just all ruffles. Love this look! Great for night out on the town!
Never afraid to show off her girly side, Blair teams a floral skirt with a smaller floral print blouse. The high neck works in sync with the low hemline so that the outfit doesn't compromise the lady in B. This outfit could easily look like floral overkill but the GG stylist works his magic and suddenly we wouldn't dream of pairing the two with anything else. Loving the transparent umbrella too, by the way!
A patterned pencil skirt makes the usual work wear a little more exciting!
This one gets a perfect 10!

Hand Me A Headband
In the first few seasons, Blair was almost never seen without a headband. This girl brought headbands back on to every fashionistas radar and she ruled Constance like the queen that she is. Headbands do make for a youthful look, so if that's not what you're going for, then it's not for you. I personally don't always wear them because I've got a round face, which automatically makes me look younger and a headband only makes me look like a 12 year old. However, I do wear them occasionally. The key to wearing it right is to go really minimal or bold (like a big red bow). It really works with a flouncy skirt and preppy details (think button-down shirts, stripes etc.)

Tight Affair
Another one of Queen B's go-to accessories. Blair goes crazy with tights, from bold colors like red and yellow to equally bold stark white, not forgetting striped, floral, abstract and lace tights. You name it, she's worn it.
Patterns and Textures
Here are some pictures of Blair's mix and match fashion sense:
Love this outfit! Blair wears a lacy babydoll dress in  metallic tones, patterned tights. Her accessories compliment her outfit and what a great decision to throw that mini cape (my mind is blanking on what exactly it's called) in there!

 Blair definitely has a quirky side to her too. I would almost never pair that bright, pleated yellow blouse with the abstract print skirt, but Blair does and it somehow works for her!
Love this lacy/mesh dress. Note the V-neck and classic silhouette.
Mixing prints are super fun and adds some punch to your outfit, as do these vibrant colors. Stick to the same color family for simplicity.
This outfit mixes prints but takes it up a notch with the addition of metallics. And of course, floral tights, as always.
This outfit is super stylish. Blair changes it up with this one as you'll notice - the outfit is edgier, but she stays true to her personality and style by wearing sticking to the silhouette of a sheath and adding a lady-like necklace. The texture of the zipper detail, ostrich leather bag and suede leather shoes gets attention - in a good way. Another thing going on her is colorblocking. Notice how the green, yellow and blue hues contrast with each other but also act as a perfect melding of colors. 
 Here's another example of Blair colorblocking. The cream/orange combo works well and the silhouette is her go-to sheath style. I love the scarf tied around her hair! The picture below is another example of a coloblocked outfit.
This girl is daring and it's this self-confidence that allows her to work these outfits! The first outfit is a little too neon for me, but the second one (same colors, toned down) seems doable :) Plus colorblocking your outerwear on a dreary winter will bring a smile to your face!

Again, similar color combination but the look is totally different. Gotta love how a pencil skirt can emphasize your frame!

Other Blair Extras:
B almost never wears pants or jeans, but when she does, you're going to want to pay attention - this is Blair Waldorf you're talking about, after all. I really like the bronze metallic tuxedo jacket and the wine colored pumps.

Oh Mon Dieu! Blair Waldorf in.. leggings? They definitely look like it to me, but of course leave it to Blair to dress it up with a cape and beret, all in black. with a two-tone bag and red peep-toes.

Lady-like dressing is a F/W trend that you can incorporate into your wardrobe for a Blair-esque feel. I can picture miss B in all of these outfits. For more Fall/Winter '11 trends, click here:

Duster coats are a huge deal this fall, but to the rich and famous, these floor-sweeping coats are no biggie. Blair wears a rich hunter green (I want!) and a chain-link bag in true Upper-East Sider fashion. The ethnic scarf draped underneath is a perfect complement.

And finally, if you're Blair Waldorf, you're always going to a ball or two and the reigning queen of the Upper East Side pulls out all the stops to look her royal best.
Stay classy, lovelies!


(All images via google images) 


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  2. I love the gossip Girl style !! The stylist do a fabulous Job !

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