November 15, 2011

{ A Few Things } Favorite Fashion Marketing

I love the world of fashion and I love the world of business (marketing/PR/Advertising). What I love even more is when these two worlds collide. Since I've been sick for a good number of weeks, I have the internet at my fingertips to keep me company when the rest of you are out and about living life like healthy human beings. Sorry if you sense a little bitterness there, I have been cooped up in my room for a while. Anyway, I came across some advertising campaigns for a number of hot brands and thought I'd share:

If this isn't original, I don't what is. I think it's a great concept and the end-product (you'll know what when you're done watching), is just beautiful.

I've read some people say this one is silly, but I think it is really creative and a wonderful way to showcase their product and give it some personality.

This one is a Victoria's Secret commercial and captures the essence of this lingerie brand.

Happy Tuesday

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