September 25, 2011

Get The Look: Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

Hello Boys (and girls who are reading this because, duh, it's Chuck Bass)!

If you're like the average guy, chances are you've had one of two reactions to these two words: Gossip Girl. One - OMG will my girlfriend/sister/mother stop watching that show already, it's poisoning their minds!!! And two - as if all those hot girls and their clothes aren't torture enough (thanks to said women in your life lusting after their looks/style and you, well, just lusting), even the boys on the show are good looking, which is another problem entirely.

But let's face it, a certain name keeps popping up and while Chuck Bass, bad boy extraordinaire maybe the biggest d-bag you ever saw, he is also your secret man crush. There is his macho confidence in the way he says, "I'm Chuck Bass", his swagger and undeniable good looks and well, to put it simply, you would be better off borrowing some tips from this mother chucker. Here's how:

Chuck's style is all about traditional preppy clothes mixed with a bit of a modern edge. He accessorizes well and is always put together. Always remember, fit is everything but fitted doesn't mean too tight - especially in the shoulder and waist regions. Here are some key elements of the Upper East Side mogul's style:

Suit Up

A suit is a sure way to pull out all the stops and no one knows this better than Bass Jr. Just wearing a suit is not enough, you have to feel confident and truly believe you're on top of the world. Also, step out of the box and try suits in different colors - like a rich cream or beige suit. A monochromatic grey suit is very in for Fall/Winter 2011.

Vest-ed Interest

Guys, I won't hold it against you if you copied emulated this style down to every last detail. The off-white shirt with the contrasting buttons, the well-fitting black jeans, the dark brown leather belt and that wonderful vest. Yes, please do include the deep side-parted hair too, if you can pull it off. I wish more boys would dress like this.

Bow Ties for Black Ties

Chuck knows how to work a bow tie like it's nobody's business. Take a cue from him and next time you get in a suit, try it. Also, opt for some color, like this perfect shade of pink. Seriously. You will thank me. And Chuck.


The Upper East Side's resident bad boy knows how to wrap the girls around his little finger. He also knows how to wrap a good scarf. He almost always has a variation of the patchwork scarf he's seen in above. Rugby stripes and argyle are commonly seen on sweaters but this is Chuck Bass - he also likes them on his scarves. Something to try boys, just don't match the sweater and scarf together. 

Coordinated Separates

If you look closely, you'll see how the lines in his tie are a perfect match with his khaki pants without going overboard. A striped button-down oxford shirt and vibrant blue sneakers complete the look.

Prince of Prints
Change it up with prints. A plaid shirt, or pants. An argyle sweater. A paisley tie. All these are pieces that add a little to your wardrobe and make an ordinary day a little different. The pouffy hair might also be worth trying.

Color Your World
Just because you have a Y chromosome does not mean the only colors you'll ever wear are black, blue, white and the occasional brown or grey. Take your look up a notch with some color. The ladies will love you for it and you will realize that hey, you do look good. The key is to know which colors look good on you. If you're afraid to commit to color, take it slow. No need to buy a pink blazer, try wearing a purple shirt instead or an orange sweater with a white shirt underneath and khaki pants. 

A Coat of Class
Wanna look classy in a hurry? Wear a great, tailored coat. Check out chuck's peacoat - just  throw it on under some jeans and a shirt and voila! Instantly pulled together. Eric's trenchcoat is another great purchase you might wanna make real soon - a classic timeless piece like this should be in every man's closet, especially this fall. Click here:

Fancy Footwork

Brown leather shoes, preferably Italian, if you can afford it, but there are tons of similar shoes at different price points so you should have no problems finding the perfect pair. Boat shoes, wingtip oxfords and brogues are also Chuck Bass friendly.  While the right sneakers complete an outfit - mixing it up is definitely refreshing. 

Here are some very "Chuck" moments:

Easily one of my favorite Chuck Bass moments
Oh, Chuck!
Aww! Another of my favorite Chuck moments
Pretty much

Dare to put a little more effort into your style and appearance!


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  1. Hey, thanks a lot.
    Finally, I was able to find a complete dressing guide to dress like "Chuck Bass".
    You are fantastic, Chrissy. :*

    1. Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback!! Do let me know if you have suggestions for other posts in regards to men's fashion!

    2. Hey, "I'm Paramjot Singh", again.
      According to me, you should guide them on working good with their hair. No matter what, hair actually change the way you look. So.
      Also, we can stay in touch on facebook, I'll be needing more suggestions, you see.
      ^ my profile, add me.

      Cheers. :D

    3. Hey, "I'm Paramjot Singh", again.
      According to me, you should guide them on working good with their hair. No matter what, hair actually change the way you look. So.
      Also, we can stay in touch on facebook, I'll be needing more suggestions, you see.
      ^ my profile, add me.

      Cheers. :D

    4. Hi, haha good point, but I think I will leave men's hairstyles to the experts!! Silk and Spice has a Facebook page:
      Feel free to leave me any style related questions and I would be happy to help you in the best way I can :)

  2. Suit up – that’s the ultimate effort you have to put in your style if you want to be even half as glamorous as Chuck Bass. His character is simply the epitome of men’s modern grace in fashion, and a lot of guys would benefit by borrowing some tips from his style. Thank you for sharing!

    Howard Crist @ Hidalgo Brothers

    1. You're welcome! Thank you for leaving me a comment. I agree, Chuck Bass knows what's up!